A photo of Muslim parents blessing a girl in Hindu bridal attire, along with her groom is going viral.

"स्वागत नही करोगे? केरल मे मुस्लिम माता पिता ने अपनी बेटी की शादी एक #सनातनी लड़के से करा दी...बेटी हिन्दू धर्म मे सुरक्षित रहेगी... #जय_श्री_राम," reads the caption.

"Won't you welcome?? Muslim parents marry their daughter in Kerala in a Hindu way. Got her married to a Hindu boy ... Daughter will be safe in Hinduism...," reads its English translation.

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The claim that Muslim couple married their daughter to a Hindu Boy as they felt she will be safe in Hinduism is MISLEADING.

When we performed a Google Reverse image search, we found that this photograph is from February 2020 and NOT recent. We found few articles which shared the same viral image with the narrative that a Muslim couple who adopted a Hindu girl a few years back married her to a Hindu boy in a temple.


Taking this cue, we searched using the keywords, "Muslim couple marry adopted Hindu daughter in the temple", we found several articles published in February 2020.

According to News18.com article, in what is being touted as a beautiful example of communal harmony, a Muslim couple from Kerala conducted the wedding of their daughter in a temple replete with old traditions and customs.

The parents of Rajeswari, now 22, passed away when she was a child. As other relatives were not accessible, she grew up with Abdullah who was a friend of her father. The girl grew up in Abdullah's house and called him 'Uppa' (father) and his wife Khadija 'Umma' (mother) as did his sons Shameem, Najeeb and Shareef. All of them are employed in Dubai and two are married. After Abdullah returned, the family started the process to marry Rajeswari.


Rajeswari married Vishnuprasad, a Kanhangad native, at the Manyott temple. Across the state, there is widespread respect and admiration for Rajeshwari's foster parents, who are Muslim, for conducting a traditional Hindu wedding for their daughter.

Vishnuprasad, the son of Balachandran and Jayanti in Puthiyakotta had hoped to conduct the wedding at a temple. However, the families had to search for a temple that would allow Rajeshwari's Muslim family to enter. Finally, they found the temple at Manyott and moved ahead with wedding preparations.


This event was also reported by ANI.

More pictures of the wedding can be seen in this report by Jansatta.com.

Hence, the claim that a Muslim couple married their daughter to a Hindu Boy as they felt she will be safe in Hinduism is MISLEADING. Muslim couple from Kerala got their adopted Hindu daughter married to a Hindu boy in a Temple.

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