Images of blue bananas are being shared on social media. Users claim blue java banana tastes like Vanilla ice cream.

According to experts, bananas are primarily grown in Southeast Asia. Experts said the fruit is very popular in Hawaii.

The images shared with this claim show bananas completely blue outside and inside the peel.

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The claim is partly true.

Though it is true that blue bananas are found in southeast Asia. Blue bananas do not really look completely blue as shown in images.

When searched for Blue Java Bananas, we found that though unripe bananas look blue, on ripening they become pale yellow.

According to a blog named Hawaii Horticulture, it is also called Icecream Banana, her names, including "Blue Java," "Hawaiian banana," "Ney Mannan," "Krie," or "Cenizo." "Blue Java" is the official cultivar and though we grow it here in Hawaii, no one in Hawaii calls it the "Hawaiian Banana" – probably because there are so many "native" Hawaiian cultivars of banana. "Hawaiian Banana" is what they call it in Fiji.

The immature fruit of ice cream bananas is quite good-looking. They are a blue-green color that makes a nice contrast to the trunks and leaves. The fruit ripens to a bright yellow when ripe.

An article was published on `', comparing Blue java Banana and Kru Banana. The Blue Java Banana is completely white inside the peel.

According to Amazopedia, Blue Java Bananas are hardy, cold tolerant, and wind-resistant because of their strong root systems and pseudostems. These are popular for their sweet aromatic fruit. These rare blue bananas are said to have an ice cream consistency and flavor reminiscent of Vanilla. Blue Bananas is a triploid hybrid of seeded bananas Musa Acuminata and Musa balbisiana.

Blue Java bananas can grow to a height of 15 to 20 ft. The leaves of these bananas are silvery green in color. The fruit bunches are small which bear only seven to nine bananas. Bananas are silvery-blue in color when unripe. When ripe, they turn into a pale yellow color, with white creamy flesh.

A video titled `Blue Java Banana – Is there really a blue banana that tastes like Ice cream' by YouTuber weird explorer discusses the texture and taste of the blue java banana. In this video, he explains that the banana is juicy and creamy but does not taste like vanilla ice cream altogether.

It is TRUE that the Blue Java Banana looks blue when unripe. The inside of this banana is white and after ripening the banana changes to pale yellow.

Therefore, the claim Blue Java Bananas look blue is Partly True.

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