A video of Emirates airlines is being shared with a claim that it was shot on the top of the World's tallest building, 'Bhurj Khalifa'.

"The Emirates ad that features a 'cabin crew member' in full uniform standing on the highest point of the Burj Khalifa was filmed without any green screen or special effects," reads the thumbnail of the video.

Fact check:

The claim that the Emirates video has been shot on "Bhurj Khalifa" is TRUE.

When searched using keywords "Emirates ad on Bhurj Khalifa", we found several articles showing the daredevil ad.

Emirates posted the video on August 5, 2021, with the comment: "Reconnect with your loved ones or take a fabulous vacation. From August 8 travel to the UK gets easier."

Later, on August 10, 2021, Emirates shared another video of the making of the ad. It explains that the video ad was really shot on the pinnacle of Bhurj Khalifa. "Real or fake? A lot of you have asked this question and we're here to answer it. Here's how we made it to the top of the world's tallest building, the @BurjKhalifa," reads the message

According to a report in Gulf News, the woman dressed in the Flight attendant uniform has joined Tom Cruise, Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and very few others to stand at the top of Bhurj Khalifa. Once she finishes showing the placards with the white scarf pinned to the red hat fluttering, the camera zooms out to reveal the crew member in the video standing atop Burj Khalifa which is 830 meter-high.

The report goes on to state that 'it soon turned out that the ad was real and the flight attendant in the video is played by American skydiver and stuntwoman Nicole Smith-Ludvik.'

When searched for Nicole smith Ludvik, we also found several reports confirming the news. According to India today article, Nicole Smith Ludvik is a professional skydiving instructor who features as an Emirates cabin crew member in the advert.

On Instagram, Nicole has over 17,000 followers and describes herself as a "world traveler, skydiver, yoga instructor, hiker and adventurer" in her bio. She also quotes American author Helen Keller in her bio, saying, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

She also shared Emirate's ad with the caption: "This is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing and exciting stunts I've ever done. A big shout out to Emirates Airlines for your creative marketing idea! It was a pleasure being a part of the team!"

Hence, the claim that the Emirates video ad has been shot on World's Tallest Building "Bhurj Khalifa" is TRUE.

Claim Review :   Emirates video ad has been shot on World’s Tallest Building “Bhurj Khalifa”
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