Hyderabad: The Delhi police recently arrested climate activist Disha Ravi in connection with a social media "toolkit" related to the farmers' protest that was shared by Greta Thunberg.

Several social media users are claiming that 21-year-old Disha, who is from Bangalore, is a single mother. Some have shared screenshots of a Times Now article and asked whether Disha is a single mother or if her mother is a single mother.

Times Now published an article on 14 February 2021 titled "Delhi Police confirm Greta's toolkit was made in India, activist Disha Ravi's family claims charges are false". It begins, "Our daughter, a single mother, an avid animal lover and sole earning member of the family was whisked away forcefully by members of Delhi Police, said climate activist Disha Ravi's family."

After this article, several social media users have also claimed that Disha is a single mother at 21 years.

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The claim that Disha Ravi is a single mother is FALSE.

Times Now article has been now updated and the words "single mother" has been deleted from the report.

We also found several reports that confirm Disha Ravi's mother is a single mother.

According to The Times of India, Disha and her mother have lived in Abbigere locality in Chikkabanavara suburb of Bengaluru for the past five years. The police said that Disha's father is an athletics coach in Mysuru.

According to Indian Express, neighbours said Disha lived with her mother.

Disha is a climate activist and one of the founders of Fridays For Future (FFF) India, the home branch of the international movement of school students who skip Friday classes to participate in demonstrations demanding action from political leaders to mitigate the effects of climate change and transition from fossil fuel industry to renewable energy.

Disha graduated from Mount Carmel College in Bengaluru. She was featured in an article by the British Vogue magazine on four activists of color who highlight the climate crisis.

She started her activism following the water crisis which affected her family after her house flooded. She has been demanding political accountability from the government over alleged "lax measures" that lead to millions of people in the country being displaced due to heavy rains and subsequent floods.

She has been regularly penning columns on leading news portals on climate action and is a known name in the relevant climate forums frequented by youth activists.


The claim that Disha Ravi is a single mother is FALSE.

Claim Review :   21YO climate activist Disha Ravi is a single mother
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