HYDERABAD: A purported BBC News article screenshot is viral on social media.

Headlined `Black fungus: Indian scientist find link with cow urine, 9,000 cases of rare infection', netizens claimed that it confirms the link between black fungus and cow urine.

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First, we searched online with the headline as the keyword but found no such article by BBC News. Next, we noticed that the article contained several grammatical errors which would ideally be avoided by the organization. Then, we compared the viral article format to an authentic BBC News article and found several discrepancies in the formatting. This indicates that the viral image is morphed.

The only article by BBC News with a similar headline was written by Soutik Biswas with the headline: 'Black fungus: India reports nearly 9,000 cases of a rare infection.' (Notice the difference between the two headlines and the article). This article was written last week and focused on the increasing cases of Mucormycosis in India.

Furthermore, when a Twitter user asked Biswas if the article mentioned in the viral screenshot had been written by him, he replied, "fake news." (archive)

Evidently, the viral screenshot of the BBC News article on Indian scientist finding a link between black fungus and cow urine is morphed.

Claim Review :   BBC News has published an article on an Indian scientist finding a link between black fungus and cow urine.
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

Misha Rajani

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