A photograph showing a colorful bird with a caption, 'Rainbow Harpy Eagle' is viral on social media including Facebook and Twitter.



Fact Check:

The claim that the photograph shows original Rainbow Harpy Eagle is FALSE. This is a digital art illustration.

When we performed a Reverse image search on Google, we found a website `artstation.com', which is a portfolio building website which showcases artwork and illustrations.

This picture is an artwork by a concept artist/ illustrator named Godserg_art or Sergio Ramirez

The description of the picture states: "Rainbow Harpy Eagle. Hello everyone, hope you guys are having a good weekend. 3rd rainbow animal is the harpy eagle, a very large eagle that lives in the rain-forest and eats monkeys....crazy right. I'm thinking the next animal can be a bull, horse, or bear. Let me know in the comments about what you think of this peace and what animal I should do next. Stay creative guys."

When we searched further, based on the artist handle Godserg art, we found an Instagram handle with the same name. It also had the original name of artist Sergio Ramirez. There is also a time-lapse video that shows the making of the art in the viral picture Rainbow Harpy Eagle.

The artist also created Rainbow Tiger and also Rainbow Wolf, which can be seen here in this link.

Originally, Harpy Eagle is a huge Majestic bird, but not colorful as seen in the viral picture. Harpy eagles are now mainly found in the Amazon rainforest. Harpy eagles form monogamous pairs for life and will use a single nest site for two to three decades. Parents raise only one chick at a time.

They are fierce hunters, with females weighing up to 24 pounds. They are the heaviest and largest of all eagles in the world.



Harpy Eagle is an amazing bird but is NOT a colorful bird. It is a black and white bird that lives in Amazon Rain Forests.

Therefore, the claim that the bird is Rainbow Harpy Eagle is FALSE. This is digital art by an artist named Sergio Ramirez.

Claim Review :   Bird in viral picture is `Rainbow Harpy Eagle’
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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