Hyderabad: Social Media users are claiming that having tropical fruit `Durian' before and after the COVID-19 vaccination can prove fatal. The post claimed that a man died after eating Durian post-vaccination.

The post in Chinese reads as, "告訴家人和朋友,要去接種疫苗之 前和之後都不要吃榴蓮。我花園一 個人的朋友打了疫苗針回來第二天 吃了榴蓮死掉了。不可不知道和必 須小心謹慎為妙。生命可貴,因為 一時的無知就把命送掉,可憐"

Translated in English: Tell family and friends not to eat Durian before or after the vaccination. A friend died after eating `Durian' post-vaccination. It is better to know and be careful. Life is precious.

The link to the post can be viewed here.

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Fact check:

The claim is false.

NewsMeter searched with the keywords, 'Don't eat Durians before, after vaccination', we found an article published by Malaysia Now on June 25, 2021. "No medical proof that people can't eat Durian after vaccination, says deputy health minister," reads the headline of the report.

The report quoted Deputy Health Minister Dr. Noor Azmi Ghazali, who said that the report of a man dying due to eating Durian after the vaccine was fake. The man died due to a heart attack and not due to Durian. He also warned people against eating too much sugary food or consuming too many sweet drinks as 'they can cause negative effects on health'.

Further, we could not find any media report either warning against eating Durian before or after vaccination.

Also, WHO, in one of the myth busters, suggested that though there is no evidence of 'Durian preventing from COVID-19', it recommends consuming adequate fruits and vegetables as a part of a healthy diet.

A report by UNICEF mentions all the Dos and Don'ts with regards to coronavirus vaccination. The report advises against having tobacco, alcohol or doing strenuous physical exercise. However, the report does not mention anything against having Durian.

Also, the Malaysian Ministry of Health took to Facebook to debunk the viral claim. They shared a screenshot of the viral message and further said that the viral message is fake.

Thus, the claim is false.

Claim Review :   Having Durian before and after the COVID-19 vaccine may lead to death.
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

Sabya Singh

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