HYDERABAD: An image of the British Herald's magazine cover that carries a picture of PM Narendra Modi is circulating on social media. Users claim that the magazine has called Modi the "World's most powerful person" for his efforts in handling the COVID-19 pandemic and helping other countries with vaccines.

"The leader who handled the crisis best and steered his country to help other countries with Covid Vaccine Manufacturing. The projected growth of 11.5% for 2021. The British Herald got Narendra Modi on the cover, with a fabulous description - World's most powerful person," reads the message.


The claim that the British Herald's magazine called Modi the "World's most powerful person" for his efforts in handling the COVID-19 pandemic is false.

NewsMeter performed a reverse image search and found a Facebook post by the British Herald from May 2019 that carried the same magazine cover. However, it congratulated Modi "for keeping the world's largest democracy to think and act with unity for the sustainable development."

Republic World, Zee News, and Scroll reported the incident. Zee News said: "The PM Narendra Modi wins British Herald reader's poll for world's most powerful person 2019."

Republic World reported: "Moment of pride for the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as the World's most powerful person of 2019 in the British Herald poll. PM Narendra Modi will feature on the cover page of British Herald Magazine in July. It will be released on 15th July 2019".

Furthermore, there are no stories on the website of the British Herald on Modi's handling of COVID-19.

Evidently, the 2019 magazine cover of the British Herald magazine has been falsely shared

Thus, the claim is false.

Claim Review :   British Herald recognized Modi as Worlds Most Powerful Leader for his handling of COVID-19 and vaccine production.
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

Misha Rajani

Misha Rajani is a Fact Checker at NewsMeter. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from St. Francis College for Women. She has written a thesis on “ Role of social media in highlighting injustice”. Apart from pursuing a career in news writing, Misha is also skilled in graphic designing. You can follow Misha on Twitter @misharajani00

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