Fact Check: Did Congress' poll manifesto for Telangana focus on minorities?

A poster with a picture of Rahul Gandhi is widely being shared on social media. Users claim the poster is a part of Congress' manifesto for Telangana.

By Tejal Sinha  Published on  8 Dec 2021 6:30 AM GMT
Fact Check: Did Congress poll manifesto for Telangana focus on minorities?

Hyderabad: A poster with a picture of Rahul Gandhi is widely being shared on social media. Users claim the poster is a part of Congress' manifesto for Telangana.

The highlights of the manifesto include free electricity to mosques and churches, contracts to Muslim youth, 20 lakh assistance to Muslim youth, Muslim IT corridor, loans at the rate of 4 percent, and housing facilities for Muslims.

Fact Check

The claim is False.

NewsMeter began its investigation by performing a keyword search which led us to a report published by Navbharat Times on November 28, 2018. According to the report, the Congress manifesto ahead of the Telangana Assembly elections has been the cause of the uproar since it promised to fulfill the schemes focused on a particular community. Congress wants to secure minority votes. However, the Congress party has called it fake.

Taking a cue from this, the team performed another keyword search related to the list of manifestos. The team found a detailed description of the manifestos.

Claim 1: Free electricity will be provided in mosques and churches.

According to the 93-page document, free power supply will be given to all temples, mosques, churches, and other places of worship. Funds will be released for the repair of temples, mosques, and churches by introducing a proper system. A survey will be done on the encroachments of land belonging to temples, mosques, and churches and necessary legislation will be made to protect the properties. Pujaris and the staff of 643 temples will be covered under accidental insurance.

Claim 2: Muslim youth will get priority in government contracts

Nowhere did the document mention any such manifesto

Claim 3: 20 lakh assistance to Muslim youth

The document related to this manifesto stated exclusive E.B.C. Welfare department will be established. People among the Reddy, Kamma, Vaishya, Brahmin, Velma castes would be brought in the welfare department and separate corporations will be established for each caste. All eligible students would get scholarships and fee reimbursement will also be provided. E.B.C. students will be given Rs. 25 lakh scholarships for overseas studies.

Claim 4: Muslim IT Corridor

No such announcement was made in the document.

Claim 5: Loan to Muslims at the rate of 4%

Sub-Plan for Minorities to allocate and budget is proportionate to population. Establishing three finance corporations for Muslims, Christians, Linguistic & other Minorities. Judicial powers will be given to Wakf Board. Urdu will be strictly implemented as a second official language. All GOs will also be issued in Urdu. Minority community youth, both skilled and unskilled, will be provided loans up to Rs. 5 lakh with an 80% subsidy.

Claim 6: Residential facility for Muslims

All eligible families will be given Rs. 5 Lakh assistance for the construction of a house on their land. For SC, ST families, Rs. 6 Lakh will be given for the construction of their own house. Dues of the Indiramma Housing Scheme will be cleared immediately. Rs. 2 Lakh assistance will be given for the construction of another room or other facilities to the beneficiaries of the Indiramma Housing Scheme. Cement will be provided at a subsidized cost for the construction of houses for the poor and middle class under the Indiramma Cement Supply Scheme.


The team found a tweet by Telangana Congress on December 02, 2018. The official Twitter account of Telangana Congress had replied to a tweet by BJP. In the tweet, Telangana Congress dubbed it false and malafide.

It is therefore evident that the claim is False. No such manifestos were released by Indian National Congress.

Claim Review:Telangana Congress manifesto focused on only one community
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