Hyderabad: A video of an Indian army man negotiating with a group of Sikh men has gone viral on social media. Users claim that farmers stopped the convoy heading towards the Indo-China border.

This comes against the backdrop of a minor face-off at Tawang after Chinese troops intruded into Indian territory.

"China has at the border and there is a fear of war. At this crucial juncture, India is rushing its troops to meet the challenge. However, farmers have stopped the convoy. Now, it has been divided into two parts. Half of the vehicles have been let go and others have been stopped. The army is upset. Army officers are requesting them to allow the convoy to pass but to no avail. The respect which I had for them is over. Even illiterate people and poor laborers will spit on them (sic)," reads the translation of the post.

Original claim: "चीन सीमा पर चढ़ आया है युद्ध की आशंका है भारत अपनी सेना पहुंचा रहा हे ऐसे नाजुक समय में किसानों ने सेना के काफिले को रोक दिया है इसे दो भागों में बाट दिया गया है आधी गाडिय़ों को जाने दिया और आधी को रोक दिया सेना परेशान हे अफसर विनती कर रहे हैं पर इन पर कोई असर नही हो रहा आज यह देखकर मेरे मन में इनके प्रति जो सम्मान था जो इज्ज़त थी वो समाप्त हो गई और में ही नही इस देश का समझदार पढ़ा लिखा और गरीब मजदूर भी इनकी इस हरकत को देख कर इनसे नफरत ही करेगा थूकेगा इनके ऊपर"

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Fact Check:

The claim is misleading.

Firstly, NewsMeter searched the internet. Had such an incident occurred, it would have been reported by the mainstream media.

Our team found a report published by 'The Tribune' on September 27, 2021.

According to the report, the agitated farmers stopped an army convoy that was on its routine exercise. The incident had occurred near the PAP-Rama Mandi flyover in Jalandhar.

"The incident took place around 7 am when the Army convoy coming from Amritsar wasn't allowed to move near the PAP flyover. The convoy with nearly a dozen army trucks and jeeps were heading towards Rohtak in Haryana," the report said.

On September 28, 'OpIndia' carried two tweets in its report. One of them was from PTC news, which carried the viral video. It also carried a video of a reporter speaking to the farmers. In one of the videos, a farmer said they have stopped the vehicles to verify whether they are from the Indian army or have come from Pakistan.

Here's the video by 'PTC news' which carried the same video on September 27.

Hence, it is clear that the Indian Army convoy was heading towards Haryana. The viral video was shot in September, not during the recent Bharat Bandh.

Claim Review :   Framers stopped the Indian Army convoy that was headed to the Indo-China border.
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  Misleading

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