HYDERABAD: An image of American former professional boxer Mike Tyson wearing a T-shirt is viral on social media. The quote on T-shirt reads: "TRUST IN GOD. NOT IN VACCINES."

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The image has been altered. It is fake.

NewsMeter found the original image on Tyson's Instagram page from November 24, 2020. In this image, he is seen wearing a shirt with a picture of himself in a boxing ring along with the word 'Tyson' written below. (Notice face expressions and background for similarities in image 3). The caption indicates that the post refers to the adding of new tee styles, hoodies, hats, and face coverings to the official Mike Tyson Collection. The link provided in the bio leads to all of the new MTC gear.

Tyson also posted a similar image on November 28, 2020, to promote his Fight Night limited-edition merchandise collection. The website "https://miketyson.com/" is the official website for purchasing Tyson's merchandise and the viral image has been taken from here and edited to spread false news.

The t-shirt in question is from his very own collection and does not contain the text, "TRUST IN GOD. NOT IN VACCINES". Evidently, the viral image is fake.

Claim Review :   Mike Tyson wore a t-shirt that reads, “TRUST IN GOD. NOT IN VACCINES”.
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

Misha Rajani

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