HYDERABAD: A purported news article claiming that a Muslim BTS fan had accidentally played a song 'Dynamite' instead of Azaan in a mosque atJaunpur, Uttar Pradesh is viral on social media.

The post claimed that the man was arrested and made to pay a fine of Rs 3000.

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The claim is false.

At the right upper corner of the viral image, a symbol with the words 'Real Inshorts' can be noticed. The page was found on Instagram (click here to view) and the description indicated that the post is not real news. The description reads, "India's foremost fictitious source of news" and the page is also labeled as "satire/parody". The viral post was posted on June 28, 2021 (click here to view) but has now been deleted due to the backslash.



The page apologized on Instagram for the post and said: "This is completely not a real incident and that they are not responsible for the public's interpretations."

This can be viewed on Instagram highlights.

Clearly, the news is fake. It was posted by a satirical page on Instagram.

Claim Review :   Muslim BTS fan accidentally played a song named ‘Dynamite’ instead of Azaan in a mosque at Jaunpur.
Claimed By :  Real Inshorts
Fact Check :  False

Misha Rajani

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