Fact Check: Did students in viral images fake injury?

A set of two images are widely being shared on social media. The images feature two students who were injured during the recent clash at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

By Tejal Sinha  Published on  12 April 2022 4:16 AM GMT
Fact Check: Did students in viral images fake injury?

Hyderabad: A set of two images are widely being shared on social media. The images feature two students who were injured during the recent clash at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Users claimed that these students had faked their injuries.

Fact Check

The claim is Misleading.

NewsMeter began its investigation by performing a keyword search. The search led us to a report published by the Business Standard on April 10, 2022. The report had published an image, where one of the students was unconscious.

"Two groups of students clashed at the Jawaharlal Nehru University's Kaveri Hostel here on Sunday allegedly over serving of non-vegetarian food on Ram Navami in the mess, with police saying six students were injured in the violence. The two groups, however, claimed that over 60 students were injured from both sides," read the report.

The report further stated that the student with a head injury was identified as 'Akhtarista Ansari'.

We then found a report published by National Herald on April 11, 2022. The report had published both the viral images for its report. The report had also identified the student with a head injury as 'Akhtarista Ansari'.

The report had further attributed Madhurima Kundu, All India Students' Association Delhi president who was also injured and is seen in one of the viral images. Narrating the entire incident, Madhurima said, "In the afternoon, they attacked the mess vendor who had come to supply chicken. On Sundays, students have the option to choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food across all hostels. Around 7.45 pm, they came inside the mess and first attacked students with fists and then with items they could find inside, she alleged. Students started running towards the main gate to save themselves but ABVP activists picked up flowerpots and sticks to attack students. I was hit on the head and near the eye while Akhtarista Ansari, a second-year MA student of Sociology, was hit on the head. She lost vision for a few moments."

On further investigation, we found a tweet by Madhurima Kundu on April 11, 2022. In the tweet, she shared three images. She had also shared the time when both the viral images were clicked.

The first image was of Madhurima, who fell unconscious. This image was clicked at 8:15 pm on April 10, 2022.

The second image was of Akhtarista Ansari, who was hit by a stone. This image was clicked at 8:21 pm on April 10, 2022.

The third image went viral.

Madhurima tweeted: "See the time when the photos were taken. A clear time gap of 6 minutes. I got unconscious after being hit. After I got control over myself, and we started moving out, Akhtarista was hit by a big rock. Down with ABVP attack! Right to Food Zindabad!"

Apart from this, we also found a post by Madhurima on Facebook where she had explained the entire incident.

The post read, "By showing these two pictures the Sanghis are creating a narrative that both of us are pretending to be hurt. That is why it is important to explain it. The Sanghis first hit me with kicks and slaps, due to which I (in a blue kurta) fainted for a while. After which the rest of the people sprinkled water on me, later I drank water, then my condition got better. After that, all of us started trying to go outside Kaveri Hostel. Then suddenly the ABVP goons started throwing stones and glass bottles, due to which the Akhtarista suffered severe injuries and blood started bleeding from her head. Whatever situation I was in at that time, we helped everyone and somehow got out of there. Sanghi goons are now spreading the agenda that we are pretending to be hurt. Whoever feels like this, come and see all the reports and the deep marks of the wound. Both these pictures are of a gap of about 20 minutes in which I fainted first, after that the comrades sprinkled water on me, I regained consciousness and when we started coming out, our second comrade Akhtarista was hurt by ABVP's stone-pelting. The real excuse for getting hurt is being made by Sanghi goons who want to prove by making fake allegations that the Sanghis did not start the fight. While the entire campus is aware of their dark exploits, these people are attacking the freedom of speech, writing, reading and drinking on the campus."

Kavita Krishnan, Secretary of the AIPWA had also tweeted the images on April 10, 2022, and had also tagged both the students.

"Photos of injured @AktaristaAnsari & @madhurima_k_ in JNU - victims of ABVP sticks and stones."

Hence, it is evident that the claim is False. Both the images are real. The image of the student, who got unconscious, is Madhurima Kundu, while the image of the student with a head injury is Akhtarista Ansari.

Claim Review:Images of students faking an injury in JNU
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