Hyderabad: A photo of a $100 currency note with Mahatma Basaveshwar's image has gone viral on social media. The post claims that the USA honored India by putting the picture of Mahatma Basaveshwara on the $100 note. It also claimed that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked the US for the honour.

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Fact Check

The viral post is a hoax.

NewsMeter checked for news reports to verify the claim but could not find any.

The viral post claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had thanked the USA for the honour. We checked the PM's Twitter account but could not find any tweet regarding the same.

We then performed a keyword search to find out if there was an app that allowed users to create currency notes with their portraits. We found a website called 'pho.to' where you can upload a photo and create a customized $100 bill.

The number of other currency notes shown on this website was the same as that on the $100 bill with the picture of Mahatma Basaveshwara. It is clear that the viral currency note was made using the same website.

We then compared the viral $100 note and the one that we found on the website and found several similarities.

This proves that the viral post is a hoax. The USA has not honoured India by putting Mahatma Basaveshwara's image on a $100 currency note nor has Prime Minister Modi thanked the US for the same.

Claim Review :   USA honored India by using the picture of Mahatma Basaveshwara on $100 note.
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

Tejal Sinha

Tejal Sinha is currently a Fact Checker at NewsMeter. She is pursuing Masters in Journalism and Communication from St Francis College for Women. She is open to learning new things while exploring the road to unbiased journalism. She has also been awarded best report by women journalists, 2021. You can follow Tejal on Twitter @SinhaTejal

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