Hyderabad: A video of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath speaking foul language to a news cameraman during an interview is in circulation. This interview was conducted by ANI (Asian News International), a multimedia news agency, which supplies content for information platforms such as TV, Internet, broadband, newspapers, and mobiles. It also distributes its videos to several news media platforms which publish the news as reported.

Fact Check:

The claim that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aidtyanath used foul words to a news cameraman is TRUE.

On 5 April 2021, Yogi took the COVID-19 vaccination and addressed the media about it. But while the video byte was being recorded the cameraman failed to keep the mike stable. This agitated Yogi who used foul language to the cameraman.

The video, however, was not found on ANI's platform. Instead, the video of the complete interview can be seen with the caption "Video byte of UP CM Yogi Adityanath on COVID vaccination (Editors note: Earlier issued Live Sound byte is retracted) (sic)"

But this video byte was carried by few TV channels before the mistake could be rectified by ANI. These words can be heard in the video published by ABP Ganga at 6.03 minutes. Later, the news channel put the video private on their YouTube channel. Click here for the link to the YouTube video and here for the archive of the ABP Ganga video.

A Twitter user shared ABP Ganga video on the microblogging platform.

This can be heard in another video published by First India News Rajasthan at 2.10 minutes.

Archive links of the videos: https://archive.is/PWDgU

Another video published by News 18 was shared by journalist Rohini Singh showing the same video clip.

Hence, it is TRUE that UP CM Yogi Adityanath used foul language to a news cameraman.

Claim Review :   Yogi use foul language while speaking to a news cameraman
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Fact Check :  True

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