Hyderabad: A post offering jobs to people with attractive perks is going viral on Facebook. It claims that the Canadian company `Acciona Energy' has job openings with temporary work permits and other attractive perks for the period of four years which include ticket and visa.

This post talks about the many benefits and perks that the employees will get which include free transportation, a salary of 7000 dollars per month, and medical aid. It further provides a WhatsApp link for more details.


This post is FAKE.

Firstly, the post is very vague and open-ended. It is deceptive and does not mention any particular profile or portfolio that the company is looking for. It only mentions the opening and availability of certain jobs without any further details on the requirements that the company is looking for in the candidates. The website of the company does mention the availability of many jobs with multiple job portfolios but none that mention the perks of the Facebook post. The website, on the other hand, is full of details and requirements that the company is in search of.


Secondly, a similar fact check also substantiated this. Further, it mentioned that when they reached out to the company by email, the company has clearly mentioned that they do not reach out to people for the job applications by social media platforms and never disclose the salary and perks before interviewing the person and specifically asked people to not believe such offers.


Lastly, Facebook has marked this post to be fake as checked by independent fact-checkers.

Given the multifaceted proof, this post is FAKE.

Claim Review :   Facebook post on job openings with attractive offers.
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

Nivruthi Pasupunuri

Nivruthi Pasupunuri is a student of BA LLB (hons.) at NMIMS Navi Mumbai. She is a diligent researcher and a spirited debator. She has a keen interest in constitutional law and wishes to teach the same as a professor of law someday.

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