Hyderabad: Social media users are claiming that famous broadcaster Amin Sayani has passed away.

"Amin Sayani the golden voice of Binaca Geetmala has passed away. His famous dialogue was `G ha Bhaiyon aur Beheno'" reads the message.

The message had the image of Ameen Sayani, former radio announcer. His name was also misspelled in the text sent across with the viral message.

Fact Check:

The claim is false. Ameen Sayani is alive.

Firstly, News Meter on Keyword search came across a Facebook post by Ameen Sayani's son Rajil Sayani who debunks all of the false claims against his father. "Latest photo of Ameen Sayani was shot on September 5, 2021, at approx 9.30 pm. He's doing fine," his son Rajil Sayani wrote on Facebook

(Find the link to the Facebook post here)

Who is Ameen Sayani?

Ameen Sayani is a popular former radio broadcaster of India. He achieved fame and popularity all across the Indian Subcontinent when he presented his Binaca Geetmala program on Radio Ceylon. He is one of the most imitated announcers even today. His style of addressing the crowd with "Behno aur Bhaiyo " as against the traditional "Bhaiyo aur Bahno" is still treated as an announcement with a melodious touch.

Wikipedia website just gives the date of his birth that is 21st December 1932 and not of his death. It also gives out his current age. He is 88.

(Find the link to the Wikipedia website on Ameen Sayani here)

We also came across an article by India TV which stated, "Recently, rumors of the famous radio announcer Ameen Sayani's death started doing rounds on the internet on Monday. This came as a shock to everyone and as a result, his fans started paying their condolences and tributes. But, putting an end to the fake news, Sayani's son Rajil Sayani took to Facebook and informed everyone about his father's recovery."

(Find the link to the article by India TV here)

Conclusion: Hence the claim is false. Ameen Sayani is still alive and is perfectly fine.

Claim Review :   An image with the claim, “Amin Sayani the golden voice of “Binaca Geetmala” of Radio Ceylon is dead.
Claimed By :  Social Media users
Fact Check :  False

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