Hyderabad: The Israel-Palestine conflict led to a lot of bloodshed and the killing of innocent people including several children. Amidst this conflict, several images and videos showing the situation in the area are in circulation. Many old images and videos are also being circulated under the guise of showing the current conflict.

One such image of a soldier kneeling over a minor boy has gone viral with the caption, "An Israeli soldier kills a Palestinian child and the world has not moved for him to share the picture until it rotates in the world to show the Zionist brutality in Palestine (sic)."

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The claim that the image shows an Israeli soldier kneeling over the head of a Palestinian boy is false.

When NewsMeter searched for this image, we found that it has been in circulation in the internet for a long time.

Some articles from 2016 have also reported on the incident. According to ratsandthugs.com, a video was uploaded by the independent media Frente Fotográfica gives an account of the action of a uniformed policeman (carabinero) near a beach in Valparaíso. The photo is reminiscent of the killing of Eric Gardner in a similar fashion by the police in New York, USA in December 2014, and which had generated protests in the northern country.

The same was also found on https://www.eldinamo.cl/ which published a video of the abuse committed by Venegas against the minor during the Carnival of the Thousand Drums. He had supposedly held the young man with his knee as the former was drawing some graffiti.

The lieutenant did not release the boy even though he was complaining of breathlessness.

A logo can be seen on the uniform of the security professional and the name on the uniform says Subtenant P. Venegas. The logo belonged to Carabineros de Chile. They are the Chilean national law enforcement police, who have jurisdiction over the entire national territory of Chile.

Some fact-checking websites have also debunked this claim.

Claim Review :   Image of Chilen police officer is portrayal of Israel-Palestine conflict
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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