Fact check: Indian army's 'Sena Jal' yet to make commercial debut

Users on social media are claiming that `Bisleri and Aquafina' are foreign companies. Users claim that money spent...

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  8 March 2021 8:10 AM GMT
Fact check:  Indian armys Sena Jal yet to make commercial debut

Users on social media are claiming that `Bisleri and Aquafina' are foreign companies. Users claim that money spent on their bottled water is going out of the country.

Users are asking people to buy Sena Jal (Army Water).

"It is available almost everywhere. And it's inexpensive too. Army Wives Welfare Association of the Indian Army launched the `Sena Jal'. Started by General Vipin Rawat's wife Madhulika Rawat, the bottled water comes in half-liter and one-liter packs. The half-liter costs Rs 6, while a 1-liter pack costs Rs 10. Other companies sell a liter of water at Rs 20. The profit from `Sena Jal' is used for military welfare. This money is used for the families of martyred soldiers in the Indian Army. The money is also used to fund the education of martyrs' children. Since this is an army venture, there is no publicity on television and print media. The army has no money for publicity. That's also the reason for its low price. Due to the lack of publicity, very few people know about Sena Jal. This is where our work begins. If you ever want to buy packaged water from the market, definitely ask for `Sena Jal' from the shopkeeper. This is one way to contribute to the welfare of the Army Jawans," reads the message.

This long message has many claims:

1Army wives welfare association has started 'Sena Jal' packaged water initiative.

2. The money earned is used for the families of martyred soldiers in the Indian army and their children's education.

3. Buy the 'Sena Jal' to support the army.

This message is not only shared on social media platforms but also has been published by some websites.


Fact Check:

The claim that the Army Wives Welfare Association started packaged water initiative `Sena Jal' and is selling them at low rates is TRUE. But this packaged water is NOT available commercially for common man use. So, the claim is only 'Partially true'.

According to reports, Sena Jal, an initiative of the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA), sells water bottles at just Rs 6. AWWA is itself making these Sena Jal water bottles. It was inaugurated on October 11, 2017, and from then onwards, they are updating their services from time to time. Sena Jal is made by Indian Army Families.


Video Reports by ABP Sanjha, VTV Gujarati, published in 2018, though it is true that AWWA has started producing packaged drinking water. It is NOT to be sold commercially.

According to visheshbaat.com, Sena Jal is not being produced for commercial use by the Army and so, there are no agency proposals as of now. But it is expected that once the mineral water manufacture by the army will be sold commercially then there will be a requirement of agencies for Sena Jal and then the army would surely inform the people through media about the requirement for the agencies interested in the product.

To date, there is no such announcement by the AWWA. When searched the AWWA website, Sena Jal Project was inaugurated by President AWWA on 11 Oct 2017 at a Company of Army Service Corps (ASC).

The plant was upgraded to meet the sale of Sena Jal. A 20-liter can has also been introduced. In October 18, the Pet Blowing machine has been installed and in-house production of Sena Jal bottles has started. This has resulted in a further reduction in the rates of water bottles. A 250 ml costs Rs. 5/- and 500 ml bottle costs Rs 7/-. Only this information is available on the AWWA website and there is no information about the sale and distribution of Sena Jal.

AWWA has started 'Sena Jal' packaged water in October 2017. This packaged water is NOT available for commercial use. So, the claim is 'HALF TRUE'.

Claim Review:Indian army's Sena Jal’ make commercial debut
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