Hyderabad: As COVID-19 second wave devastates India, messages regarding medicines and oxygen are doing the rounds of social media to help people in need. Unfortunately, fake messages that mislead people and waste their valuable time are also going viral. One such message claims that people who need Remdevisir can get it from Jubilant Pharma by just mailing them the doctor's prescription.

Several users, including celebrities, have shared this message. Tollywood director Nandini Reddy tweeted, "Anyone need Remdesivir it's priced at 3490/- It's being made at Jubilant Pharma....please drop in an email with your the requirement to these people with your doctor's prescription, RT-PCR report, and Aadhar card they will arrange it for you (sic)." She also provided two email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]

The same was shared by several others.


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The claim that Jubilant Pharma will arrange Remdevisir for individuals is FALSE.

In response to Nandini Reddy's tweet, a Twitter user Sai Charan Chilukulla tweeted an email from Anita Anil Apte from Jubilant Pharma saying the supply was limited to hospitals.

The email said Jubilant Pharma follows government directives which mandate that only hospitals can dispense Remdesivir upon the production of documents (Aadhar of the patient, COVID-19 report, and prescription) and administer the injection within the hospital under trained medical supervision.

We also could not find any announcement or press release supporting the viral message on Jubilant Pharma's website.

According to a report on the hindubusinessline.com, Jubilant Pharma has developed a novel oral formulation of Remdesivir. "The proposed oral treatment is expected to be for five days, a duration similar to the injectable dosage form," the report said, adding that Remdesivir is the first and the only anti-viral drug fully approved by the USFDA for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 requiring hospitalization.


An article in health.economictimes.com published in August 2020 states that Jubilant Life Sciences Limited, an integrated global pharmaceutical and life sciences company, announced that its subsidiary, Jubilant Generics Limited ("Jubilant"), has launched Remdesivir for injection under the brand name 'JUBI-R' in the Indian market at a price of Rs. 4,700 per vial of 100 mg (lyophilized injection). The company will make the drug available to over 1,000 hospitals providing COVID-19 treatment in India through its distribution network, it said.

In order to increase the accessibility of 'JUBI-R' to patients below the poverty line and to frontline paramedical staff, Jubilant Bhartia Foundation, a not-for-profit organization of Jubilant Group, is launching unique programs in India aimed at the distribution of the drug, it further said.

Hence, the claim that Jubilant Pharma will provide Remdevisir to individuals is FALSE. The company supplies the drug only to hospitals where the patients are injected with the medicine upon production of valid documents.

Claim Review :   Jubilant Pharma provide Remdevisir to individuals
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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