A video of a furious tornado destroying cars, buildings and even Airplanes is viral on social media.

Users claim that it is a Hurricane that occurred in Toronto, Canada. The narrative shared in Telugu claims that "కెనడాలోని టొరంటోలో హరికేన్ (సుడిగాలి) విమానాశ్రయంలో కూడా చుట్టుముట్టింది. భయంకరమైనది! చైనా నేషనల్ జియోగ్రాఫిక్ మ్యాగజైన్ ఈ వీడియోను కొనడానికి1 మిలియన్లను డాలర్లు పెట్టి కొనుగోలు చేసింది, చూసే అవకాశాన్ని కోల్పోకండి! వీడియో వ్యవధి: 4 నిమిషాలు 10 సెకన్లు"

"The hurricane also made landfall at the airport in Toronto, Canada. Terrible! China National Geographic Magazine bought this video for $ 1 million, don't miss the chance to see it! Video duration: 4 minutes 10 seconds (sic)," reads the English translation.

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Fact Check:

The claim is FALSE. The video is in fact is made up of scenes from the movie "Into the Storm' released in 2014.

When observed carefully, we can see that the video clip shows various different incidents of Tornados embedded together. They do not look like a single video of destruction at an airport.

When searched using Google Reverse image search, we found the same video being shared over the years with various titles like a storm in America, Tornados, Awesome storms, etc.

We also found a blog of a magazine `Cinefex.com', which shared the exact visuals of Airplanes flying into the storm which match with the viral video. "Cinefex is a bimonthly magazine devoted to motion picture visual effects. Since 1980, it has been the bible for effects professionals and enthusiasts," reads the intro on the website.

They have been publishing various facts about the visual effects used in different movies. In this link, the amazing visual effects used in the movie "Into the Storm" are talked about.

When we searched for "Into the Storm", we found several videos shared on the internet resembling the viral clip. Even the official trailer of the movie by Warner Brothers shows the same visuals.

Here is the Movie review by the Washington Post which also shares some of the iconic visuals from the movie.

There is a subtle difference between hurricanes and tornados. The biggest differences between hurricanes and tornadoes are how big they are and how long they last. Hurricanes are typically hundreds of miles in diameter, with high winds and heavy rains over the entire region. ... Hurricanes can last for days or even weeks. Tornadoes usually last no more than a few minutes.


The clips seen in the video are Tornados and NOT Hurricanes.


The claim has also been debunked by AFP fact check in 2018 and Newsmobile.in in 2021

Hence the movie clipping of the movie "Into the Storm" is being shared as that of Tornado in Toronto, Canada. The claim is FALSE.

Claim Review :   Video of a furious tornado destroying cars, buildings and even Airplanes
Claimed By :  Social Media Post
Fact Check :  False

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