Hyderabad: Several news reports are claiming that four people were killed in a court shooting in Rohini, Delhi. The news has gone viral.

Click here to access The Quint's report about the incident.

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The reports state that four people, including gangster Jitendra Mann, was killed when attackers opened fire in Rohini court in Delhi on 24 September 2021. The rivalry between two groups is said to be the cause of the shooting.

Fact Check

This information is false.

It is true that there has been a tragic and gruesome shooting at a courthouse but only three people were killed and not four.

Of the three people killed, one of them was Delhi's most-wanted gangsters Jitendra Gogi who was killed by two attackers believed to be from the rival group called 'Tillu Tajpuria'. They were disguised as lawyers. The shootout left three people dead and one lawyer injured.

Following the death of Jithendra Gogi, the two shooters were killed by the police and security personnel.

The Times of India reported that three people were killed in the shooting.

Another report by India TV reported that the number of casualties was three. It said others had been injured in the courthouse.

Similar reports by other media houses like NDTV and The Hindu confirmed the death toll was three. ,

From all the reports above, it is clear that the number of people who were killed in the shootout was three. Hence, this claim that four people were killed is false.

Claim Review :   Four people were killed in Rohini court shooting.
Claimed By :  Media outlets
Fact Check :  False

Nivruthi Pasupunuri

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