Video of a mother crying over the body of her 3-year-old daughter has become viral on social media. Users claimed that the toddler in the video was raped and murdered by Muhammed Nazim in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, and urged all netizens to share the video.

"Tejvir Prajapati's 3-year-old girl was raped by 38-year-old neighbor MuhammedNazim in Aligarh and killed her and escaped. All the brothers are requested to spread it on all social media platforms so that this girl can get justice as soon as possible and if possible, post it from your Facebook," read the claim.


The video with the same claim shared widely on social media.

Fact check:

Claim made about the video on social media is FALSE. Aligarh Police issued a statement about the incident and clarified that the toddler in the video was killed in a road accident. Police said she was not raped and murdered.

NewsMeter came across the official video statement tweeted by Aligarh Police in the comment section of the viral post. In the video, SP mentioned that a 3-year-old girl died in a road accident on 4 Nov 2020 in the Akrbad police station area and clarified that all the allegations of rape and murder made on social media are false.

"A video is being shared on Facebook and Twitter, claiming that a 3-year-old girl was raped and murdered and that police have taken any action in the case. The claim is false. On 4 Nov, in the Akrabad area of Aligarh, a 3-year-old girl met with an accident when a vehicle ran over her. She was taken to the hospital; however, the girl could not be saved," said SP crime of Aligarh in a video statement.

In the second video, SP noted that the body was taken for postpartum after which it was decided that the dead body of the girl will be taken to his father's home where the funeral to be conducted. "The father has now uploaded the video with a false claim. There is no truth to the viral claim. It will be investigated why he is misleading the public and manipulating the facts," he said.


In response to another user, who shared the video with a false claim, Aligarh Police replied: "Please do not share video tweet without knowing the truth. Know the truth. In this case, the girl died due to injuries suffered in a road accident and the case is registered in the police station Akrabad. Necessary legal action is being taken. No incident like rape has been committed."

Aligarh police also shared a video statement of the mother of the deceased girl, who said that the reason for her daughter's death is due to an accident.

In conclusion, Aligarh Police denied all allegations of rape and murder and clarified that the girl died in a road accident. Therefore claim made on social media is FLASE.

Claim Review :   Deceased girl in viral video was raped, murdered
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

Vamsi Krishna Pothuru

Vamsi Krishna Pothuru completed his Masters in Communication from The University of Hyderabad. He has interned with The New Indian Express and Kriti Social Initiatives. With the specialization of media research in masters, he submitted his thesis on the topic of "Fact-checking Initiatives and their response to Fake News in India." He believes that fact-checkers have a huge role to play in the fight against fake news which is a dangerous undercurrent in social media reinforcing hatred and false perceptions. Along with fact-checking, he is also interested in writing about environmental issues and human interest stories.

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