Hyderabad: French virologist and Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier has said that people getting vaccinated will die within two years of vaccination, according to a viral message doing the rounds of social media.

The message reads, "Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier has confirmed that there is no chance of survival for people who have received any form of the vaccine. In the shocking interview, the world's top virologist stated blankly: "There is no hope and no possible treatment for those who have been vaccinated already. We must be prepared to incinerate the bodies." The scientific genius backed claims of other pre-eminent virologists after studying the constituents of the vaccine."

The virologist is quoted as saying, "They will all die from antibody-dependent enhancement. Nothing more can be said."

Some users are also sharing a video clip of Montagnier's interview published by RAIR Foundation USA. When asked about his opinion on mass vaccination, he answers, "It's an enormous mistake, isn't it? A scientific error as well as a medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants."

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The claim that the Nobel laureate has said that people getting vaccinated will die within two years is FALSE.

NewsMeter found an article published by rairfoundation.com titled "Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals - Covid Vaccine is 'Creating Variants'". According to the report, the virologist referred to mass vaccination as an "unacceptable mistake" and said "it is the vaccination that is creating the variants."

It further said, "The prominent virologist explained that "there are antibodies, created by the vaccine," forcing the virus to "find another solution" or die. This is where the variants are created. It is the variants that "are a production and result from the vaccination."

Many epidemiologists know it and are "silent" about the problem known as "antibody-dependent enhancement," Prof. Montagnier added.

However, nowhere does the report state that the Nobel laureate claimed that vaccinated people will die within two years. The scientist is seen speculating on a phenomenon called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE).

NewsMeter also found an 11-minute interview broadcast on various online video platforms such as YouTube or Odyssee published by many anti-vaccine channels. In the videos, Prof. Luc Montagnier affirms that variants would be created because of the vaccination.But the comments of the eminent scientist are just theories and are NOT backed by any scientific experiments. To the question "Where do the variants come from?", the French professor replied that they come from vaccinations. The virus has a very strong ability to change, he said.

He also evoked the epidemiological situation in India to try to support his theory according to which vaccination and mortality are linked: "And so, you still see in countries, even for India, now it's the same, the vaccination curve and even the death curve which follows…"

According to a fact-check report by www.rtbf.be, the British variant emerged in the UK in September 2020, long before the vaccination campaign began. Sophie Lucas, immunologist and president of the Institut de Duve at UCLouvain, situates the facts on a timeline: "The first trace of the occurrence of the British variant dates from September in England, in people who were not yet vaccinated since everyone will still remember that the vaccines were deployed from December. Some thought it was way too fast, but the reality is there: the vaccines were deployed when the variant was already there and already spreading in the English population. It is absolutely obvious to me that there is no direct correlation between the deployment of current vaccines and the emergence of variants which are of current concern."

There is no direct correlation between the people being vaccinated and those infected by the COVID-19 variants. Although, according to scientific studies, the vaccines may be less effective on mutant variants of the virus.


Prof. Montagnier who won the Nobel prize in medicine in 2008 has been professing controversial theories and raising concerns among the scientific community. One such claim was that the COVID-19 virus was man-made in a lab.





Assam police and PIB Factcheck also debunked this claim

Therefore, though Prof. Montagnier has raised concerns about COVID-19 vaccines, his theory is NOT backed by scientific data. In viral videos, the Nobel laureate never said vaccinated people are going to die within two years of vaccination. The claim is Misleading.

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