Hyderabad: A video is in circulation on Twitter that claimed, "उत्तराखंड में जसपुर दरगाह पर चादर चढाने गए धर्मनिरपेक्षों को मज़ार के खादिमों ने दौड़ा - दौड़ा कर मारा. कईयो ने छिप कर बचाये प्राण कुछ समय पहले वामपन्थियों ने पवित्र डासना मन्दिर की घटना पर मचाया था कोहराम @uttarakhandcops @Ashokkumarips @Sspusnagar @TIRATHSRAWAT @dm_usnagar"

When translated it said, "Secularists who went to offer a sheet at Jaspur Dargah in Uttarakhand were beaten up and killed by the Khadim of Mazar. Many people saved their lives by hiding. The leftists created a furore over the incident at the holy Dasna temple."

This video was first shared by the Sudarshan News Channel and later by several other users.

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The claim that the video showed Muslims attacking secularists who went to offer chadar in Jaspur Dargah of Uttarakhand is MISLEADING.

When Newsmeter went through the comments of the tweet posted by Sudarshan channel, we found that Udham Singh Nagar police in Uttarakhand tweeted a reply that said, "Please do not broadcast rumours and misleading messages on social media." Along with this, the police shared a screenshot for clarification over the claim.

They said that the violence broke out between two groups on 29 March in Kalu Sidh Mazar, Patrampur, Jaspur in Uttarakhand's Udham Singh Nagar district. A fight broke out between Amjad Ali and Abdul Hamid on the issue of donations and building construction. An FIR number 69/2021 was filed under multiple IPC sections based on statements of both parties. The statement also added that 'few people on social media are circulating fictitious and false claims that Hindus were chased out and beaten for offering chadar. But that is not true as both groups hailed from the Muslim community.'

We also found few links confirming that the riff took place between two groups of the same community. Amjad Ali, a resident of Chhaliyan Mohalla, said that he had gone to the tomb on Monday (29 March) with Raju, Farhan, Faraj, and Ilu to visit the tomb. There, Abdul Hameed, Shaheed Sudhiya, Zahid, Shadab, Saif Ali, and Arif of Tirthanagar were forced into the mohalla by Patti Chauhan residents.

It is alleged that all of them were asking for more money in the flock. Upon refusing, Ali was attacked with knives and taken hostage. On receiving the information, the police reached there and diffused the situation.



A video with similar visuals was shared by the ETV Bharat Youtube channel.

Therefore, the claim that the video shows Muslims attacking secularists who went to offer 'chadar' in Jaspur Dargah of Uttarakhand is MISLEADING.

Claim Review :   secularists attacked by Muslims at Jaspur Dargah in Uttarakhand
Claimed By :  Twitter Users
Fact Check :  Misleading

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