Hyderabad: A video showing some men dragging a dinosaur has gone going viral on social media.

According to one Twitter user, the video is from Magetan in East Java, Indonesia, and shows a live Triceratops.

Meanwhile, others have claimed that the Triceratops was captured in Brazil. One Twitter user tweeted, "BREAKING: Brazilian authorities have captured a live triceratops that was discovered while clearcutting the rainforest."

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Fact Check:

It is NOT a live dinosaur (Triceratops) in the viral video.

NewsMeter extracted keyframes from the video and performed a Google reverse image search. We found that the video has been shared several times on social media. This video is NOT from Brazil, but was shot in Indonesia's Mojosemi forest park.

Based on this information, we searched for Mojosemi forest park and found an Instagram account that had shared the same video.

Here is the longer version of the video posted by Mojosemi forest park.

The Dinosaurs Park in Mojosemi forest park features various types of dinosaurs of various sizes. There are 20 types of dinosaur replicas scattered throughout the forest. There are replicas of Tyrannosaurus , Velociraptor, Triceratops, and Brachiosaurus which are seven-meters tall. The dino park is also a hotspot among tourists on the hunt for Instagramable photo spots.


Nanang Sedayu, a resource person at the Mojosemi forest park, told kompas.com that the video was taken on 14 December 2020 at the park as part of a promotion to introduce new rides at the forest park.


According to CNN Indonesia, this giant ancient animal that went viral online inhabits the tourist attractions of Mojosemi forest park in Ngancar village in Magetan.

Therefore, the claim that a live Triceratops was found in Indonesia is FALSE. The animal seen in the video is a replica of the dinosaur in Indonesia's Mojosemi forest park.

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