Hyderabad: Social media users are claiming that people from 13 villages were served non-veg biryani at Peer Baba's Urs at Salat village. Users are sharing a news report to back their claim.

Every year, the Urs is held at Salat village of Charkhari Kotwali. Despite being a Hindu-dominated area, all communities including Hindus celebrate the Urs.

This time, however, it is in the news for all wrong reasons. Some people have alleged that non-veg biryani was served to Hindus at the Urs.

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This news was also shared on a YouTube channel 'Vatan ki Awaaz' on September 04, 2021

Fact Check

The claim is misleading.

NewsMeter performed a keyword search which led us to a report by OP India published on September 05, 2019.

According to the report, people from 13 villages were invited to Peer Baba's Urs on August 31 in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh. This Urs has been held in Salt village of Charkhari Kotwali for the last six years. It is a Hindu-majority area. Both Muslims and Hindus attended the annual Urs. But this time it kicked off controversy. Hindus, who came to participate in the Urs, were fed non-vegetarian biryani and that too in the name of prasad. Neither the person who distributed the prasad nor the one who made it declared that buffalo meat was mixed with the biryani.

In such a situation, Hindu devotees also started eating biryani. There was a ruckus when they found meat pieces and bones.

We found another report published by Jansatta on September 06, 2019. According to the report, Biryani was served at a Muslim programme in Mahoba, UP. During the investigation, it came to light that people had eaten the food of their own free will.

We also found a report by Amarujala published on September 3, 2019. The report said some people first ate biryani as prasad. After this, they demanded Rs 50,000 from another community for purification. As the tension escalated, Kotwal chipped in and solved the matter.

Poori, vegetable, and biryani were served in the programme of Sheikh Peer Baba on August 31. One community ate chicken biryani and the other community took puri-sabzi.

After two days, half a dozen villagers demanded Rs 50,000 from the organizer for taking a dip in the Ganges.

It is therefore evident that the viral claim made is misleading. The incident dates back to 2019.

Claim Review :   Non-veg biryani being fed at the Urs
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