Images of a professor carrying a baby while teaching in the classroom have gone viral on social media. Users claim that his wife has passed away during childbirth and he has taken the responsibility to raise the child that is why he brings him to college too. `The real-life Hero.'

It has been shared rampantly over the past few days on all platforms of social media.

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The claim that the professor is carrying his own child as his wife passed away is FALSE.

He is carrying the child of his lady student so that she can take notes. This incident occurred in 2016. The Professor seen in the picture is Moisés Reyes Sandoval, a law professor at the Inter-American University for Development, UNID, in Acapulco. These images went viral in July 2016, leading to several articles in the mainstream media of Mexico.

These images were posted by Moises himself on his Facebook account.

According to CNN Espanol, the university professor was trying to encourage the baby's mother, Yalena Salas, 22, who is the pride to the University because despite having several responsibilities (she is a mother, takes care of her grandmother, studies and works), she is continuing her studies.

Professor Reyes Sandoval assured that carrying the baby was not a problem since two of his students usually bring their children, who are a few months old to the classrooms. And both he and the other classmates have become familiar with the minors and do not have trouble handling them.

According to a report in, the professor told that "I saw the child jumping and moving on his mother's arm, while she was writing with her right arm, because I was giving some definitions of Public International Law and a lump rose in my throat over the face of anguish that she had."

The professor held the baby in a kangaroo bag, and surprisingly the baby stayed calm with him. For 45 minutes, the teacher held the baby. This incident was captured on a mobile phone which later went viral.

This image is being used on many websites.

Hence, the professor was carrying the baby of his student and NOT his own. His wife has not passed away. The claim is FALSE.

Claim Review :   Professor carrying baby in viral image is his own
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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