FACT CHECK: Satanic rituals were not performed at G7 summit, viral claims are false

Claim that a satanic ritual was performed at the recent G7 summit in Cornwall. A few other images show people in black clothes dressed as birds.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  19 Jun 2021 4:44 AM GMT
Satanic rituals G7 summit

HYDERABAD: Several social media users are sharing images of people dressed in red cloaks with wigs and masks. They claim that a satanic ritual was performed at the recent G7 summit in Cornwall. A few other images show people in black clothes dressed as birds.

The post is being shared with a caption that reads, "The Satanic Freakshow outside the G7"

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The claim is false.

From June 11 to 13, leaders of the G7 (Group of Seven) nations met in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, and discussed different issues including COVID-19, climate change, and trade. However, these images are not linked to this meeting. No mainstream media organization has reported on a satanic ritual at G7.

Upon performing a reverse image we found similar red-cloaked individuals who identify themselves as 'Red Brigade'. The Red Brigade was created by a Bristol street performance group, the Invisible Circus who draped themselves in red material with their faces painted white in order to portray 'living statues'. The group often mime in slow-motion or create a series of tableaux during Extinction Rebellion demonstrations. (Source: Metro UK).

The viral images are linked to a protest organized by the Extinction Rebellion (XR) climate activist group on June 12. This was reported by Reuters on June 13. The image of people dressed in red is captioned: "The Red Brigade activists who attended an Extinction Rebellion demonstration in Falmouth, during the G7 summit in Cornwall, Britain, June 12, 2021".

The images of people dressed as blackbirds is captioned: "Climate change activists dressed up as blackbirds protest in St. Ives, June 11, 2021.

It was also reported by InfoMagazine and The Globe and Mail. "Extinction Rebellion's 'Red Brigade' marched through Falmouth and demonstrators occupied a McDonald's as they referred to it for motion on local weather change in a G7 protest right this moment. More than 1,000 protestors dressed because the grim reaper, suffragettes, and others are hidden beneath the costume of a Chinese dragon made their means from Kimberley Park although the center of the seaside city".

Evening Standard said: "Activists from the climate change protest group Extinction Rebellion (XR) dressed as dying blackbirds and descended on St Ives to highlight the loss of the UK's biodiversity as they pecked and cooed at bemused locals in a performance art piece."


Extinction Rebellion also live-streamed the protest on their Facebook page and captioned it as "Creative finale of four-day nationwide coastal campaigns to highlight rising seas ahead of the G7 summit."


Evidently, it is clear that the viral images do not show a satanic ritual being performed at the G7. These were climate activists who participated in a protest on June 12.

Thus, the claim is false.

Claim Review:Satanic Rituals were performed at the recent G7 summit in Cornwall.
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