A picture of a railway station in a serene location with picturesque scenery is going viral on social media.

"In Japan, there is a train station in the middle of nowhere, with no entrance or exit. You get off, but you can't go anywhere and, to leave, you have to wait for the next train. This station has only 1 purpose: to remind people of the importance of stopping, & admiring the view," reads the claim.

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The claim is TRUE.

There is indeed a train station in Japan, which has been solely made for the purpose of scenery viewing. This station is located on the Nishikigawa Seiryu line in the south of the country. The station is called Seiryu-Miharashi, which means "clear stream viewing platform station".

According to reports, with limited access, the station is the perfect spot to soak in the views and have some quiet time, away from the busyness of Japan's cities. You can head to the station via the Nishikigawa Seiryu Line from the Yamaguchi Prefecture's Nishikigawa Railway. When you arrive at the location, you'll find there's no ticket counter, stairs, or ramp, only a viewing deck.


This station was opened in March 2019. To visit, we need to book tickets for special event trains. These trains stop for about 10 minutes.


Here is the Railway line website.


This railway station is set on a mountainside in the Yamaguchi Prefecture of Japan. Mountains make up seventy percent of Japan's diverse geography. The Nishiki is the longest river in the Yamaguchi Prefecture. The source of the river is found in the city of Shunan and drains into the Inland Sea. The passengers will enjoy the picturesque view of these mountains at this station.


Therefore, the claim that Japan has opened a Train station for scenery viewing is TRUE.

Claim Review :   Japan opens train station for scenery viewing
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