Hyderabad: The second wave of COVID-19 has hit India hard with states like Andhra Pradesh seeing a steep surge in cases. Amidst this, an Ayurveda practitioner from Nellore, Bonigi Anandaiah, has reportedly found a cure for COVID-19.

The medicine is administered as eye drops. Though Bonigi Anandaiah is not a qualified Ayurvedic doctor and nor is the medicine an approved treatment, people are making a beeline for Krishnapatnam to take the magic medicine. The state government has ordered a scientific study to investigate the Ayurvedic medicine.

Meanwhile, a video is doing the rounds of social media stating that COVID-19 wards in Nellore GGH hospital have gone empty as all patients have rushed to take the Ayurvedic medicine that is being administered in Krishnapatnam.

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The claim that Nellore GGH wards have gone empty after COVID-19 patients left for Krishnapatnam to take the Ayurvedic medicine is FALSE.

Though a phenomenal crowd has gathered in Krishnapatnam, it is not true that patients from the COVID-19 ward of Nellore Government Hospital have left the hospital.

If we observe the visuals carefully, we can see that the beds are empty and do not have any mattresses. There is no medical equipment, no traces that treatment was going on in the area. There is no IV equipment or any other monitoring systems used for the treatment of inpatients. We can also see the entrance to the ward where some vehicles are parked.

Image 1 – Entrance and vehicles

Image 2 – No equipment

Image 3 – Payment counter

According to officials, the video was taken in the lobby of the Nellore Government Hospital. As there was a huge rush for admission into COVID wards, beds were arranged in the lobby. Since now the rush of patients has decreased, the area is deserted. The video was taken a day before the Ayurvedic medicine was being administered.

Therefore, the claim that COVID-19 patients have left Nellore Government Hospital wards and rushed to take the Ayurvedic medicine is FALSE.

Claim Review :   Nellore GGH hospital have gone empty as all patients have rushed to take the Ayurvedic medicine
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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