A post claiming that American President Joe Biden started dating his wife Dr. Jill Biden when she was a teenage babysitter for his family, is viral on social media. The post claims that the affair went on even when his wife was in the hospital. The derogatory post goes on to call him a pedo.

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The claim that America's first lady Dr. Jill Biden was a teenager when Joe Biden started dating her is FALSE.

According to Whitehouse.org, Jill Biden was born in 1951 and they both met in 1975. They married at the United Nations Chapel in New York City in 1977. She became the mother of his two sons, Beau and Hunter. Their daughter, Ashley, was born in 1981.

From this, we can prove that Jill Biden was 23 when she met Joe Biden.

In 1975, according to Vogue, the two were introduced by his brother. At the time of their first date, Joe was a Delaware senator with two children and nine years her senior. Jill was in her last year at college at the University of Delaware.

Joe Biden lost his first wife, college sweetheart Neilia Biden, and his 1-year-old daughter, Naomi, when a tractor-trailer slammed into their station wagon in 1972.

The two married on June 17, 1977, in New York City at the United Nations chapel by a Catholic priest. The ceremony was attended by about 40 of their family members and closest friends. Biden's sons, Beau and Hunter, stood by the couple's side at the altar.

This information was also published in several other articles on Joe Biden.


The viral image was posted by Jill Biden herself discussing how she met her husband.

A newspaper article published in Delaware's The Morning News also states that the first couple were set up on a blind date by Biden's brother Frank and the then-Senator Joe Biden was a widower.


Therefore, the claim that America's first lady Dr. Jill Biden was a teenager when Joe Biden started dating her is FALSE.

Claim Review :   US first lady was teenager when Joe Biden started dating her
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