Twitter user @Ashwinkiing shared a video of a Sikh man raising the 'Pakistan zindabad' and 'Khalistan zindabad' slogans. The post claimed that these slogans were raised during the ongoing farmers' protests in Delhi against the Farm bills 2020. In the 15 seconds video clip, the man can be seen sloganeering amidst Pakistan national flags and pro-Khalistan flags.

The caption of the video reads, "Anti Modi slogans are acceptable in a democracy. But how come PaxtanAndKhalistanZindabad is acceptable? This farmer protest is turning out to be a bigger scam. #NamoCares."


Fact check:

This video is from the ICC world cup cricket match held in the UK in July 2019. Several spectators in the stadium raised pro-Pakistan and pro-Khalistan slogans.

A reverse image search of one of the keyframes of the video did not yield any authentic sources. So Newsmeter did a keyword search using the terms 'Khalistan and Pakistan Zindabad slogans' and came across a video with similar visuals uploaded by ANI on 6 July 2019. The video titled "Sikhs in the UK denounce pro-Khalistan slogans during World Cup matches."

Description of the video reads: "Sikhs living in the United Kingdom have categorically denounced pro-Khalistan slogans raised during the ICC World Cup 2019 matches in the United Kingdom. Several videos have gone viral on social media where some Sikhs along with Pakistani fans were seen raising Pakistani and Khalistan flags and shouting Khalistan Zindabad' and Pakistan Zindabad' slogans."

Comparison of the visuals from the viral video and ANI report can be seen here.

Screengrab from ANI report

Screengrab from viral video

Further search on YouTube led to the same person sloganeering from a different angle during Pakistan vs. Afghanistan match in July 2019.

This incident of pro-Khalistan slogans raised by Sikhs during the 2019 ICC world cup matches in the UK became a major issue during last year. Several political parties in India and Sikhs in the UK denounced this incident. This was reported by Deccan Chronicle, Business Standard, ANI, and others.

This viral video has been falsely shared in the context of the ongoing farmers' protests in Delhi against the new Farm bills, 2020. Several political quarters and right-wing groups are alleging that pro-Khalistan sympathizers have hijacked the farmers' protests.

In conclusion, the video of pro-Khalistan slogans raised by Sikh man is not from ongoing farmers' protests in Delhi. So claim made on social media about the video is FALSE.

Claim Review :   Video of man raising pro-Khalistan slogans in farmers protests in Delhi
Claimed By :  Twitter Users
Fact Check :  False

Vamsi Krishna Pothuru

Vamsi Krishna Pothuru completed his Masters in Communication from The University of Hyderabad. He has interned with The New Indian Express and Kriti Social Initiatives. With the specialization of media research in masters, he submitted his thesis on the topic of "Fact-checking Initiatives and their response to Fake News in India." He believes that fact-checkers have a huge role to play in the fight against fake news which is a dangerous undercurrent in social media reinforcing hatred and false perceptions. Along with fact-checking, he is also interested in writing about environmental issues and human interest stories.

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