An image showing a frog that seems to be transparent is viral on social media. Users claim that "The Costa Rican "Glass Frog" has almost transparent skin enabling you to see its organ structure."

Some posts also claim that the image shows a rare transparent frog

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Fact Check:

The claim that the viral image shows a rare transparent Frog that occurs in Costa Rica naturally is TRUE.

These frogs which are called Glass Frogs are found in Central and South America. Their bones, intestines, and beating hearts can be seen through the skin covering their torso and limbs.

According to, in glass frogs, the viscera are visible, and an observer can see the heart pumping blood into the arteries and food moving through the gut. The frogs' translucency is a type of camouflage, in which the edge of an animal blends with the relative brightness or darkness of its surroundings. This phenomenon, called edge diffusion, softens the line separating the color of a frog's skin from the color of its background.

Reticulated glass frogs can be found in the rain forests of Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador. These animals, which are active at night, inhabit vegetation along streams.

Scientists still aren't sure why these frogs have see-through skin on their undersides. But they think they spotted pattern on the backs of the amphibians is meant to resemble a mass of eggs. This camouflage pattern helps the males protect their offspring by confusing predators trying to get at the clutch. Sounds like these eggs are in good webbed hands!

Therefore,the viral image showing a transparent frog, also known as Glass Frog, found in Central and South America is true.

Claim Review :   transparent frog, also known as Glass Frog, found in Central and South America
Claimed By :  Social Media User
Fact Check :  True

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