Hyderabad: Social media users are sharing photographs of numerous Shivlings engraved on stones in a river bed.

Users claim that lakhs of Shivlings were seen in Karnataka's Shivakashi River.

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Fact Check

The claim is true.

NewsMeter performed a Keyword search and found that the claim has been doing rounds since 2019. We found a tweet with a similar claim in 2019.

We then found many tweets that were shared in 2020.

NewsMeter performed a Google Reverse Image Search of the viral image which directed us to various websites. According to these websites, the viral image of the Shivlings is from Sahasralinga, a pilgrimage place located around 14 km from the Sirsi Taluk in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka.

We then found a video aired on a YouTube channel 'Wildfilms India' on January 15, 2018. According to the description of the video, the Sahasralinga pilgrimage site is located in the Sirsi district of Karnataka in Shalmala River.

Sahasralinga means a thousand Lingas in Sanskrit. Shivlings are visible during Shivratri when the water level in the river is low. Pilgrims throng the place to offer their prayers. One can see a suspension bridge near Sahasralinga on Shalmala River.

"Solving the mystery behind 1000 carved Shiva Lingas in India and Cambodia', People must be aware of the famous Sahasralinga pilgrimage in the town of Sirsi, Karnataka but did you know that there is another Sahasralinga in Cambodia too? Yes, you read that correctly! Siem Reap, a lovely city in Cambodia is the place where you can witness Sahasralinga when translated means 1000 Shiva Lingas. These 1000 lingas are carved at both places and are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Times Travel published said on August 2, 2019.


We also found a tweet by Karnataka Tourism on February 24, 2020. "With around a 1000 lingas carved on rocks on the banks of the river Shalmala, Sahasralinga is a unique tourist spot that combines faith and fun. Feel at one with nature at these gorgeous locations, as you are engulfed by the tranquility of your surroundings," it tweeted.


It is therefore evident that the claim is true. These Shivlings can be found at Sahasralinga in Karnataka.

Claim Review :   Lakhs of Shivlings seen in Karnataka’s Shivakashi river
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  True

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