Hyderabad: A post claiming that the wood used to make the Olympic rings for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were from trees planted by international athletes in 1964.

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Yes, the claim is TRUE.

The Olympic Games is an athletic festival that originated in Ancient Greece. The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. The Olympics hosts an array of sports and games. Initially, it included only amateur players but later, even professional athletes were allowed to compete.

The process to select the host city lasts approximately two years whereby the cities file an application to the IOC and pitch themselves to be the host. After a rigorous process, the cities are selected and are usually informed seven years in advance.

Tokyo was the host for the 2020 Olympics which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The last time Tokyo held the Olympics was in 1964. Athletes had brought seeds along with them which were plants and have now grown into 160 pines and prunes. These were cut down to make the Olympic rings for the 2020 games. The rings were constructed in the Japanese Yosegi-zaiku style.


Further, this has also been confirmed by the official Instagram page of the Olympic Games. The post shows a comparison of the 1964 and the 2020 Olympics.

Hence, the claim that the rings for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games were made out of wood planted by athletes in 1964 is true.

Claim Review :   Tokyo 2020 Olympic rings made out of wood planted by athletes in 1964.
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