Hyderabad: A WhatsApp forward claiming that Jammu and Kashmir has been removed from the United Nations' List of unresolved Disputes has gone viral.

The message has been making rounds on WhatsApp. It refers to a List of Unresolved Disputes from which Jammu and Kashmir has been omitted.

Fact check:

NewsMeter looked through various news reports and has found that this post was also viral in May 2020. It has now again surfaced.


Jammu and Kashmir was omitted from the List of Unresolved Disputes in 2010. Although the official website of the UN or the Security Council does not refer to any such list, the same has been verified by other news sources in 2010.

The Hindu in 2010 reported that Jammu and Kashmir is no longer a part of the list. It also reported that Pakistan has requested the UN to intervene. This event took place in the UK which held the presidency for the United Nations Security Council in November 2010, as reported in the article.

Similar articles by the Economic Times confirms that Jammu and Kashmir was omitted from the list also substantiate the same.

Jammu and Kashmir has now been divided into two union territories—Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh. It is no longer a state.

This message has a lot of inaccuracies. The state of Jammu and Kashmir no longer exists. This message has again popped up in 2021. Hence, this message is MISLEADING.

Claim Review :   Jammu and Kashmir omitted from UN List of Unresolved Disputes
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Nivruthi Pasupunuri

Nivruthi Pasupunuri is a student of BA LLB (hons.) at NMIMS Navi Mumbai. She is a diligent researcher and a spirited debator. She has a keen interest in constitutional law and wishes to teach the same as a professor of law someday.

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