Hyderabad: Social media users are claiming that `Vaxxed cooking teacher drops dead live on stream'. It is being circulated on a website `BitChute.com'.

The video contained disturbing visuals where an influencer namely Nueng Pimporn from Bangkok, Thailand was cooking on a live-streamed video when she collapsed all of a sudden and died.

Fact Check:

The claim is False. The influencer didn't collapse and die because of vaccination but because of a minor heart attack.

News Meter on keyword search found a Facebook post by one of the relatives of the influencer Nueng Pimporn. She requested people not to share false information about the death.

The translation of the post is as follows:

"The family and relatives of Teacher Nueng Pimphon Chandaeng would like to clarify to everyone as follows:

Because the news of the death of a teacher is famous. And the clips are shared by different groups and shared by many and there was a misrepresentation of the facts in the death. The teacher's family and relatives were unhappy and deeply moved by this incident. Family and relatives confirmed that the death of a teacher was caused by an acute heart attack due to an enlarged heart.

I would like to inform you again that teacher has not received any vaccinations yet and some of the teacher's posts just want to convey that teacher was preparing her body to be healthy. In order to wait for the day of vaccination like all people."

Hence it is clear that the influencer Nueng Pimphon Chandaeng didn't die of vaccination effects but because of a minor heart attack due to an enlarged heart. She was yet to receive her vaccination dose and was waiting for the same as the rest of the people.

We also found BitChute.com who posted a corrected video on their website. However, they didn't take down the previous video posted. The post contained a headline that stated: "Thai influencer Nueng Pimporn suffers a sudden heart attack and drops dead during a live stream. (RIP)"

We found several websites reporting on the same. According to an article by Eyerys, "She died because of a heart attack which led to her death.

Family members said that she did not have any illnesses during her lifetime and that she usually looks very healthy."

In this article, we also found that the family doesn't want the social media users to share this video widely.

We also came across a Facebook post and YouTube video which stated the same about the famous influencer's death due to a heart attack.

Conclusion: Hence the claim is false. The influencer didn't die of vaccination but because of a minor heart attack.

Claim Review :   A post with the claim that, “Vaxxed cooking teacher drops dead live on stream” is circulating on a website called BitChute.com
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

Shimron Diana

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