Flight attendants at Italy say no to Vaccine?

A tweet with the claim, “Italian Air stewardesses refuse the vaccine” was found circulating along with a video attached with it on twitter by ‘nderssonD'

By Shimron Diana  Published on  30 Oct 2021 3:00 PM GMT
Flight attendants at Italy say no to Vaccine?

Hyderabad: A tweet with the claim that Italian Air stewardesses have refused to receive Covid shots is viral on social media.

A user who tweets by the name of 'nderssonD' has also attached a video to back the claim. The tweet had clocked over 1000 likes and more than 900 retweets.

(Find the link to the tweet and virally circulated video here)

Fact Check:

The claim is False. The virally circulated video has nothing to do with vaccine mandates. It was about Alitalia going bankrupt and people losing jobs.

Firstly, News Meter using keyword search came across an article by CNN which stated, "Italy's new national airline, ITA Airways, took to the skies last week, but all is not well on the ground of Italian aviation. Former Alitalia flight attendants protested this week against job losses and pay cuts in a particularly Italian way"

The article was posted on 22nd October 2021 and carried the same images.

(Find the link to the article by CNN here)

According to an article by Economic Times (HR world), "Union officials say those who will work for ITA are being hired at significantly lower pay scales.

Some 50 former flight attendants stood in rows at a square atop Rome's Capitoline Hill, lowered their company shoulder bags to the cobblestone pavement, then slowly and in synch, removed their overcoats, then uniform jackets, then skirts, then stepped out of their high-heeled shoHil

They remained barefoot, wearing only a slip, in silence for a few minutes. Then they carefully gathered up their garments and shoes and together shouted, "We are Alitalia!"

Union leaders have been pressing for the government to extend unemployment benefits for as long as five years.

The article was posted on 21st October 2021. It gave a brief description of the happenings. It had an attached image similar to the visuals of the virally circulated video.

(Find the link to the article by Economic Times (HR World here)

We also came across several other articles stating the protest has nothing to do with vaccine mandates. It was about Alitalia going bankrupt and people losing jobs.

(Find the links to those articles here)

(Article by Wionews.com)

(Article by Kalinga TV)

(Article by ABC News)

(Article by EuroNews.com)

We also came across a YouTube video by 'TrendPiler' posted one week ago with a similar claim.

(Find the link to the YouTube video here)

Conclusion: Hence the claim is False.

Claim Review:Italian Air stewardesses refuse the vaccine tweet was found circulating
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