A video of a man tossing money in the middle of the street is viral on the internet.

"A man died in New York due to corona, He made a will to his friend that all is money to be tossed in the middle of the street as let people learn all the money/ wealth of the world as no value in comparison to your health," reads the message


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The claim the man is throwing money on the streets of New York in the memory of his friend who died of COVID is MISLEADING.

When the keyframes of the video were searched using Google reverse image search along with keywords "Man throws money on streets", we found reports in hip-hop websites with the title "Celebrity Jeweler Trax pays homage to his client and friend"


Though screenshots from the video could be seen, there is no further explanation. The credits were given to @traxnyc.

When searched for @traxnyc on Twitter, we found that it is the account of TraxNYC Jewelry located right in the Diamond District of New York City at 64 West 47th Street. We can see the same person in the viral video.

From the website about page, we found that TraxNYC Corp. was founded in 2003 by its current president, Maksud Trax Agadjani. Its headquarters are located in New York City's famous Diamond District. We are truly sitting at the heart of the global diamond jewelry industry, the company profile reads.


When searched for Maksud 'Trax' Agadjani, found that he is an Azerbaijani-born American businessman and entrepreneur. Maksud founded Trax NYC Custom Jewelry in the Diamond District of Manhattan New York in 2003.


On the YouTube channel of Traxnyc, a video titled Free CASH MONEY For the People in TIME SQUARE! In Memory of my friend: RIP Joe KUSH, posted on March 20, 2021.

"Lost a great friend, great customer one year ago. RIP @thegod_joekush All I know is he was shot dead somewhere in Detroit, probably over jealousy. He was making good money and was a great dude, now I understand why they say the good die you g. would love to get the jewelry to the family. If you are the family please Dm @mickytrax so we can get it done".

The video also shows the ticker – 'Please guys write RIP Joe KUSH in the comments'.

Joe Kush was a Musician/ Singer based in Detroit. Here is his official YouTube channel.

So the video was posted by Trax Jeweller to pay tribute to Musician Joe Kush who was shot in Detroit and NOT some friend who of COVID-19 infection. The narrative that the money belonged to his friend and it was his last wish to toss the money for the poor is NOT CORRECT. The claim is MISLEADING.

Claim Review :   Man is throwing money on the streets of New York in the memory of his friend who died of COVID
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  Misleading

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