Wrapping feet in aluminum foil does not control joint pain: Viral claim is false

A post claiming the miraculous benefits of aluminum foil in controlling joint pain is being widely shared on social media.

By Sunanda Naik  Published on  7 Sep 2022 10:54 AM GMT
Wrapping feet in aluminum foil does not control joint pain: Viral claim is false
Hyderabad: A post claiming the miraculous benefits of aluminium foil in controlling joint pain is being widely shared on social media. In the viral video, it is claimed that wrapping feet with aluminium foil under socks for 15 days controls joint pain.
There are a number of posts, articles and blogs claiming that aluminium foil has some magnificent properties to heal colds, pain, fatigue, inflammation, or some miracle detox treatment.

Let's debunk the claim.
NewsMeter ran a keyword search for relevant articles on the claim and found an article on 973 The Dawg, which explains and warns about some of the dangerous effects of wrapping Aluminium foil on the body. It is mentioned in the article that, "there are dangers of wrapping the body, especially feet with aluminium foil. The contact of the foil with chemicals in the body can create aluminium salts which can be absorbed by the skin.
There are concerns that aluminium salts actually interfere with how the nerves in your feet feel pain. So, you are not really stopping the discomfort, you are just hiding it from your brain. Aluminium salts are also connected to a greater risk of Alzheimer's disease."
Now I guess if you were going to use some aluminium foil to make a Halloween costume, that would be okay, just don't wear it for more than one night.
Digging deep into the matter, we found another article on a health website, The New Health Cycle which also gives similar warnings about aluminium foil. It is stated, 'When feet are wrapped they naturally sweat. The sweat contains salts that react. In the case of aluminium foil wrapped to feat, the aluminium leaches out of the foil and enters the skin via the pores in the skin. This causes ingestion of aluminium in the body."
NewsMeter contacted experts to provide their views, they say-
Dr Anurag Sharma, M.S. Orthopaedics , Consultant Orthopaedics surgeon, Jaipur, says, " Yes, it's incorrect that aluminium foil relieves joint pain. Because it has no role in bone strength. Aluminium is considered a bone toxic metal since poisoning can lead to aluminium-induced bone disease in patients with chronic renal failure. Healthy subjects with normal renal function retain 4% of the aluminium consumed. They might thus also accumulate aluminium and eventually be at risk of long-term low-grade aluminium intoxication that can affect bone health".
Dr. V.Koteshwara Prasad, Senior Consultant Orthopaedics Surgeon, Renova Hospitals. Hyderabad explains, "There is no evidence nor can aluminium help anyone relieve pain. It is a myth. Don't fall for such baseless statements. The first rule is to find out the reason for the pain, second is to follow a healthy lifestyle and opt for appropriate treatment."
Following home remedies blindly without any background check could be life risking. It is evident that the claim is false.
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