HYDERABAD: Amid Israel and Palestine conflict, a tweet supposedly by the Israel Defence Force (IDF) is viral on social media.

"Indians stand with Israel? Who asks you to support us? Even cents your country can't effort to settle-up a pandemic covid-19 in your country. Stop dreaming in a day time (sic)," reads the tweet

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This tweet is fake. This tweet was not posted by the IDF.

The date on the viral tweet is mentioned as May 15 2021 with the timestamp of 12:00 pm. We checked the official account of the IDF and did not find the tweet anywhere on the timeline.

The viral tweet was not found on the timeline of the IDF account. It has not been covered by any mainstream media organization, it is clear that the viral tweet is fake.

The current situation between India and Israel:

According to India Today and Times of India, India called for an immediate de-escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian situation and "urged both sides to exercise extreme restraint and refrain from taking any action to unilaterally change the status quo, including in East Jerusalem and its neighborhood. The government condemned all acts of violence and destruction and called for the resumption of dialogue".

India's permanent representative to the UN TS Tirumurti in a virtual UNSC meeting, reiterated strong support for the "just Palestinian cause" and unwavering commitment to the two-state solution.

Apart from this, Benjamin Netanyahu (PM of Israel) thanked several countries for their support via a tweet. He shared the emoticons of flags of all the countries that are supporting Israel but did not include the flag of India and has not yet thanked India for supporting Israel.

Claim Review :   IDF made disparaging comments against India
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