Tensions between Israel and Palestine have been escalating for the past few days.

Clashes broke out between Palestinians and Israeli security forces at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on May 7.

Social media has been flooded with a lot of unrelated videos of airstrikes by the Israeli military in Gaza. Hashtags supporting both sides have been trending on Twitter for the last few days.

Several users shared a video of a missile-launching truck moving across civilian streets with hashtags #IStandwithIsrael and #HamasTerrorists. "Here you see a Hamas rocket launcher parking in a civilian area to use humans as shields. Let no one fool you as to the true intent of Hamas - they want the death of Israelis even if it means their own die too," reads the caption of the video.

The archive of the post can be accessed here.

The archive of the post can be accessed here.

The same claim surfaced on Facebook also.

The archive of the post can be accessed here.

Fact check:

The video of the missile launching truck is from 2018 and not related to the Hamas.

Newsmeter performed a reverse image search of one of the keyframes of the video and found the same video uploaded on Facebook on Nov 25, 2018. The video was posted by a Facebook page Mivzaklive, which is Israel based news company.

The video's caption reads: "Trucks with missiles made their way and entered the village of Abu Sanan in the north."

The village of Abu Sanan mentioned in the caption is located in the Galilee region of Northern Israel.

Apart from this, a user commented on the viral post with a couple of pictures of the same street that appeared in the video along with coordinates of the location. Coordinates confirm that the road is located in Abu Sanan village of Northern Israel.

The archive of the tweet can be accessed here.

Newsmeter has checked the map coordinates and the marked buildings in the Google street view of Abu Sanan can be spotted in the viral video.

Therefore, the missile launching truck in the video is an Israeli projectile carrier and not Hamas rocket laucher.

Claim Review :   Image of Hamas rocket launcher
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

Vamsi Krishna Pothuru

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