Man in viral image is not American pilot who rescued Afghan refugees

An image of a person with an airplane in the background is viral on social media.

By Satya Priya BN  Published on  24 Aug 2021 2:19 PM GMT
Man in viral image is not American pilot who rescued Afghan refugees

An image of a person with an airplane in the background is viral on social media.

Users identify him as American pilot Marcus Weissberger who rescued Afghan refugees on a C-17 Globemaster. The message is in Malayalam

The message starts with Hitler's hatred of the Jews and goes on to describe the great deed done by Marcus Weissgerber.

Here is the excerpt of the message:

"In Germany, the first thing Hitler did when he came to power was to demolish his father's grave. This is because his father was a Jew. Hitler's hatred of the Jews led to the burning of millions of Jews. For this purpose, Hitler set up special concentration camps. Hitler brought all the Jews to the gas chamber and carried out this brutal massacre ...

Doctors will be called at some point for emergencies in concentration camps. So whenever doctors came, they were accompanied by a girl who was an assistant nurse. A smart girl ....

So each time she came, she would rescue Jewish children from the camp. Two thousand six hundred innocent Jewish children .....

On May 12, 2008, She died at the age of 100 .....

This one, 2021. The villain here is not Hitler but the Taliban, who shot and killed three million people. The sight of a young woman being publicly tried and shot dead for the sole reason that her feet were not covered.

Didn't you see the tens of thousands who fled to the airport in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, to escape their clutches .....?

The wings of an airplane, At the edge of the wheel, Didn't Malokar see the pitiful sight of those who tried to escape by being tied with ropes on top ....?

When flying, Haven't you seen human figures falling out like grandpa's beard ..?

Not knowing that the trip was unsafe

Everyone has wings, Tire camps have even gone up

If he dies, he is ready to accept it too ....

They feared Taliban atrocities more than death ....

Here it is, what we need to know and remember about the pilot 'Marcus Weisgerber'

Of the U.S. Air Force, Marcus Weisgerber is the pilot of RCH 871. With what courage did 'Marcus' fly a plane full of people more than five times the maximum capacity of his plane ...?

Due to the increased weight, Marcus flew the spaceship not knowing that everyone, including himself, would die if the plane crashed. The view of those who boarded the plane. Their pitiful looks, their cries. Many of them saw the enemy coming after them and fled to see death. The security wall of the five-story airport was not an issue for them.

They jumped over it and got on the plane. From his cockpit, he looked inside the plane, capturing the faces of those who had lost everything together on his mobile camera.

With more confidence .....

On that trip, he said that he had taken the picture on his mobile phone. Marcus wrote on his Twitter account that he did not understand why his eyes filled with tears ....

And so on ....

'' Among those passengers,

I saw my son ....

I saw my mother, sister, and wife ..... ''

Thus, 760 people, when 'Marcus Weissjorber' was rescued from the tip of the Taliban gun and flew into the blue sky of life.

They flew away and began to dream new dreams from under the blanket of relief last night...

Of CNN, When the author returned, 'Marcus Weissjorber' asked a question like this ...

'' Where, you got it

So much courage ...?

Marcus Weissjorben's eyes widened as he answered that question.

His face was very red ....

He said ....

'' This courage, My father gave it to me .....

A father, He was a doctor.

There was a great pandemic in the country. All the doctors fled the country for fear of catching a fever.

My father alone did not go anywhere. Achen went to each house and took care of the sick. Achen finally got the fever ...

That father. That moment of seeing death face to face.

The father grabbed his son and said a word ...

A man said If you see yourself drowning, do not look to see if you can swim. You have to jump to save him, that's us ...

That plane, Now going back to Kabul .....

With ...

Marcus Weisgerber

The legendary sailor of goodness."

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Fact check:

The claim that the person in the viral image is the US pilot is FALSE.

There are many false claims in the long narrative shared along with the picture.

Firstly, when we performed Google Reverse image search, we found that the image belongs to Marcus Weisgerber indeed, but he is NOT an American pilot but a global business editor of `defense'

His profile in Defense states that Marcus Weisgerber is the global business editor for Defense One, where he writes about the intersection of business and national security. He has been covering defense and national security issues for more than a decade, previously as Pentagon correspondent for Defense News and chief editor of Inside the Air Force. He has reported from Afghanistan, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, and often travels with the defense secretary and other senior military officials.

He was the one who reported the news of this rescue operation on behalf of Defense One. He posted a picture of the refugees on his Twitter account. Because of this tweet, several people confused him with the pilot of the flight, even though he specifies that he is Global Business Editor @defense in his bio.

His tweet about the Airlift of Afghan refugees.

Here is the report by Marcus Weisberger and Tara Copp on Defense one.

The viral image was shared by Marcus Weisgerber on his Facebook account in 2013.

American air Mobility Command also tweeted the information that about 823 Afghan refugees were transported in that flight on August 15, 2021.

The tombstone of Hitler's parents was intact till 2012, when they were removed from an Austrian village cemetery at the request of a descendant.

There had been several narratives about Hitler but we found no such information about him destroying his father's tomb.

This claim has been debunked by fact-checking website `Fact crescendo' too.

Hence, the viral post shared by several users on Facebook is not based on facts. The claim that the image shared along with the post shows the pilot of the US flight that transported Afghan refugees is FALSE.

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