A photograph of a person is viral on social media. Users identify him as CNN reporter Bernie Gores. Users said he went missing after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Some users said he was executed by the Taliban

Some users even shared a petition to be signed for building a memorial monument for him.

This was also shared by a website named Celebritesdeaths.com.

Fact Check:

The claim that the man in the photograph is a CNN reporter is FALSE.

When searched the image using Google Reverse image search, we found several social media links sharing the image of the person in the viral image, where the keywords 'wings of redemption' were prominently mentioned.

A personality database website shared the viral image with the caption: `Wings of Redemption (Jordie Jordan)' under the section gaming.

According to a Wikitubia, Jordie McCraty Jordan (born: April 21, 1986 [age 35]), better known online as WingsOfRedemption (also known as Richard), is an American Twitch streamer and former Call of Duty commentator.

He can be considered a pioneer in gaming commentary, and was initially a very popular YouTuber in the Call of Duty scene during the early days of YouTube, even hosting his own podcast with other popular YouTubers.

Despite all this, looking back at his videos after his first year on YouTube, he has always been a target of hate by the community due to his mistreatment of his viewers, his problematic opinions on controversial topics, and his overall unlikable, arrogant personality.

On this page of Wikitubia also we can see the viral image.


We also found the social media accounts of the Youtuber which confirms he is Jordie Jordan, who is Gamer and NOT Bernie Gores.



When searched for Bernie Gores on the internet, we found that no records of his work. "A year ago today Bernie Gores was reported missing in the Beirut explosion. Let's all take a moment and remember Bernie," reads the message shared on Reddit.

This claim was also debunked by Politifact and Snopes, which state that this news was first shared by Twitter accounts @CNNafghan @BBCAfghanNews and also @MSNBCAfghan, which are fake accounts.

Therefore, an image of a gamer and YouTube personality Jordie Jordan is being shared with a FALSE claim.

Claim Review :   Man in viral picture is CNN reporter Bernie Gores
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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