Hyderabad: COVID-19 second wave has hit India hard with the death toll mounting by the hour. As the places of cremation are limited, some ghastly videos have clogged social media timelines.

A video circulated on WhatsApp claims that mass cremation was held near 'Tipu Khan Bridge Langarhouz Hyderabad'.

"Langar House mass cremation. Please stay safe. Situation out of control now," a Facebook user wrote


Fact Check:

The claim that this video shows roadside mass cremation in Langerhouse, Hyderabad is FALSE.

When checked, the bridge does not look like the Tipu Khan bridge in Langerhouse, Hyderabad.

When compared the visuals from the viral video to the pictures of the Tipu khan bridge taken from various publications and Google maps, we found that the design of the bridge borders is completely different.

Here are some pictures for comparison,

Here are other links that show the images of the Tipu khan bridge in Langer House, Hyderabad.

We found that the video has been shared several times with caption:

#IndiaNeedsOxygen#WhoFailedIndia? #Movid21 Modi Virus Disease 21 #WeCantBreathe #IndiaCantBreathe #IndianLivesMatter #IndiaNeedsOxygen #IndiaNeedsVaccine Look at the roadside mass cremation.

When Newsmeter contacted K. Srinivas, SHO Langerhouse, he rubbished the claims. "If you listen to audio clearly, that is not the local accent. Also, there is no flyover in the area. This video is factually wrong. There is no such makeshift crematorium in Langer House. Also, PVNR express passes near to langar house area, but there is no footpath on the flyover. But in this video, we can see the footpath," he said

Though the exact location of the video could not be confirmed, the video is NOT from Langer House, Hyderabad. Hence, the claim is FALSE.

Satya Priya BN

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