A purported text message by Cambridge University Hospital's NHS Foundation Trust is viral on social media.

"NHS: We have identified that you are eligible to apply for your vaccine. For more information and to apply, follow here: uk-application-form.com (sic)," reads the message

This link directs people to a convincing fake NHS website that asks for personal details.

The website then asks for his bank and card details in order to "confirm identity."

The shared link when clicked stated "We need to prove ownership of the address. Please get a debit/credit card ready, you will need:

Sort code

Account number

Long card Number

We will use this to verify the billing address with the bank. No payments are made during verification."

Fact Check:

The claim that NHS is asking for personal details like Credit Card details for applying for the COVID vaccine is FALSE.

NHS has refuted these claims. The NHS in Leeds is warning local people against a new text scam that appears to use a genuine NHS appointment reminder number.

According to the Express report, the scam is particularly insidious as it is targeting the elderly and vulnerable groups who are being covered during the first phase of the vaccine.

It added that the NHS does not ask for such details as the whole vaccination program is running free for people. Also, people should delete such texts immediately and contact the bank to change the credit card number, if need be.

Anyone who receives the text message should delete it immediately. If you have already submitted the form with your credit card details included – you should contact your bank to enquire about changing your credit card number with a replacement.

The National Health Service is free at the point of use and there is no charge or deposit required to be processed for the current vaccination programme.

According to the article published in NHS Leeds, clinical Commissioning Group website, the NHS would never require payment or ask you to provide personal details by responding to a text.

London and UK Crime official Twitter handle took to the microblogging site to post a screenshot of a fake message and wrote: "Fake - asks for bank account details, credit card number and a whole load of personal info. The website looks very real but clearly a scam."


This text message is clearly a scam message trying to trick vulnerable people. Hence, the claim that NHS is personal details like Credit Card details for applying for the COVID vaccine is FALSE.

Claim Review :   NHS message seeking bank details for Covid vaccine
Claimed By :  Text Message
Fact Check :  False

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