A message warning vaccinated people against anesthesia is viral on social media.

"Anyone who has been vaccinated against coronavirus is prohibited from taking any type of anesthetics or dentist's anesthetics because this poses a great danger to the life of a vaccinated person," reads the message.

The message goes on to claim that the vaccinated people should wait at least for 4 weeks before receiving any anesthesia. "A Pharmacy's friend relative was vaccinated two days ago. He went to the dentist yesterday and died immediately after receiving local anesthetics. After reading the warning about the coronavirus vaccination in the vaccine box, we discovered that after the coronavirus vaccine was given, there was a warning not to take anesthetics. Please spread this information to protect your family, relatives, friends, and everyone," it adds.

The message implies that taking anesthesia within four weeks of jab can cause death.

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The claim is FALSE.

Generally, health experts advise the patients to postpone non-priority surgeries after vaccination,


When Newsmeter approached Dr. B Venkateshwar Rao, MD (AIIMS) Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Strabismus & Neuro-Ophthalmology, he clarified that there is "NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE" to say that the use of Anesthetics is unsafe in vaccinated people. It is ideal if you can allow a week between being vaccinated for COVID-19 and surgery. Especially for the second dose, there are a small % of people who might develop a fever after their second dose of vaccine. Hence better to delay any surgery for a week after taking the second dose.

According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists, there is no evidence that either COVID-19 or the vaccine interferes with anesthesia. However, because surgery is stressful on the body and temporarily puts extra strain on your immune system, you should wait until you are fully recovered from COVID-19 or you are fully immunized after vaccination before proceeding with surgery.


Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists and the College of Anaesthesiologists, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia also refute this claim.

"We may consider asking patients to defer elective non-urgent surgeries if they are recently vaccinated, not because of interactions with anesthesia but mainly to confer the full benefit of the two doses of vaccine to protect the individual from COVD-19 when the patient comes to the hospital. Additionally, patients may present with post-vaccination-related symptoms such as muscle pain or fever which may extend through the perioperative period. Deferment here is to ensure that the side effects of the vaccine are not confused with other side effects related to the operative procedure," it said.

The academy noted that if the surgery is an emergency, recent vaccination should not be the reason to defer surgery. "There are guidelines on rescheduling elective surgeries for patients who are COVID-19 positive and recovering which is a different issue altogether. These established guidelines allow for maximal recovery after a COVID-19 infection taking into account the severity of the infection," it said.


PIB fact check also debunked this claim stating the claim to be fake and that there is NO scientific evidence to date to confirm the claim.

Hence, the claim that administering anesthesia within 4 weeks of COVID-19 jab can be fatal is FALSE.

Claim Review :   Administering anesthesia within 4 weeks of COVID-19 jab can be fatal
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
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