A video of a lion walking in factory premises is viral on social media.

Users claim that the animal has been spotted in a cement factory in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Some social media users have claimed that the lion was spotted in the cement factory of RR Nagar, Vurudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu. The same video is being shared rampantly on all platforms of social media including YouTube.

While searching for the video, we also zeroed in on another claim. Users said the lion was spotted in the Wadi cement factory.

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The claims are FALSE

District Superintendent of Police of Tirunelveli, Arjun Saravanan tweeted in Tamil which translates: "Do not spread rumors. Rumor has it that a lion has been roaming near the Tirunelveli Cement Factory for the past two days. This is Gujarat State Cement Factory. The only lion in Nellai is `Thuraisingam'. So relax people (sic)."

We also found news articles in Gujarati refuting the claims of spotting Lion in Birla Factory of Porbandar.

A report in aajkaldaily stated that it has been learnt that a 19-second video has gone viral in various WhatsApp groups in Porbandar in which a lion is seen roaming in the factory. S someone has circulated it on WhatsApp with a text that 'lion has come to Birla factory, so be careful, share it all'.

Forest Department has also declared the video to be fake and appealed to the public not to be misled.

We also found a video on YouTube by Gohash.in refuting the claims of spotting Lion in Wadi

Though we are not able to assess the exact location of the video, a lion was spotted in 2020 in a cement factory situated in the Amreli district of Gujarat. A male lion with a thick mane was spotted in a gated colony of Ultratech's Gujarat Cement Company's colony in Kovaya.



Tamil fact-checking organization Youturn.in also debunked this claim.


Therefore, the claims that the lion was spotted in Tirunelveli cement factory or Cement factory in Virudhunagar or in Wadi are FALSE. This video is from Gujarat, but the exact location still needs to be assessed.

Claim Review :   lion was spotted in Tirunelveli cement factory
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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