A purported voice message of former CBI Joint Director (JD) Lakshmi Narayana is viral on social media.

Few users shared it with the caption: "A voice message by CBI Ex-Director JD Lakshmi Narayana sent in Whatsapp. Describes the necessary measures that need to be taken till June 1."

The person in the audio clip says India is going to be under complete lockdown for the next two months, so prepare enough food, medicine and cash at home. Speaking in Telugu, he says that his relative, who works in World Health Organization (WHO), informed him that the Indian government has been told to impose lockdown for two months.

This audio is being shared on WhatsApp as the country faces COVID second wave.

Another user shared the claim on Twitter with the caption: "Received an audio file on WhatsApp from my friend by former CBI Director J.D.Lakshmi Narayana. He says this lockdown will be for a minimum period till June. In the future, he says there will be food shortages too. Even banks may not function. Don't know how far this is TRUE (sic)."

Fact Check:

The claim that the voice message was released by CBI Ex-director VV Lakshmi Narayana is FALSE.

In a video released by JD Foundation, CBI EX-director VV Lakshmi Narayana clarified that the claim was fake. He said some people are trying to intimidate the masses by releasing the fake audio.

This video was released in March 2020.

The viral audio clip was debunked by factly in April 2020.

As the audio clip went viral again on WhatsApp, he issued a clarification on his social media account stating: "One fake audio message frightening the people regarding Covid situation is circulating on social media in my name. It is fake and please do not forward the same."

In the press note, he requested people not to believe the audio clip. A complaint was lodged about this audio last year and AP CID is investigating the case.

So, the viral audio clip was NOT released by Ex CBI director Lakshmi Narayana. Therefore, the claim is FALSE.

Claim Review :   nation-wide lockdown, voice message of former CBI JD
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False

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